Auction In Toronto Area

Sell Everything in Toronto Area Auction

Are you moving, downsizing, or needing to organize an estate sale in the Toronto area? Do you have lots of things to sell, but not a lot of time on your hands to handle it all? It can be overwhelming just thinking about it. 

What if you could evaporate that stress overnight and surpass your financial expectations? Take a deep breath, you can do just that with MaxSold.

MaxSold comes to you to describe, measure, and take photographs of everything. That's right, everything from furniture, teacups, art, silver, decor, and right down to the gardening tools. We do all the marketing for you.  We securely supervise the removal of the items at a tightly controlled 3 to 4 hour time period. We only need access twice.  Our local experts help to sell everything. Our customers rave about how easy, safe, reliable, and profitable their experience was with MaxSold. 

MaxSold Value for Sellers:

  • Quick Turnarounds - Start to finish the process in just 2 weeks
  • Everything Sells - Not just the fine china 
  • Proven Process - We provide platform support whether you decide to manage yourself or have us do it all
  • Competition for your items - Marketing is included on our high traffic platform to maximize sales values 
  • Competitive Fees -  30% with "per listing" and overall minimum fees 
  • Tracking and Reporting - Full view of project management from start to finish and day to day metrics and reporting 

Simply sell everything with Maxsold!  A great way to go in the Toronto area to simplify, get superb service, good results, and be done in two short weeks. Don't wait. Submit your contact info now.  We are ready to help you check this off your "to do" list!