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Meet a Move Manager

Downsizing and/or relocating can be a stressful, sometimes overwhelming experience – not only for those who are actually moving but for those families trying to coordinate a loved one’s move. Check out our Expert Series Interviews to learn how a Move Manager can help.

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MaxSold February 2015 Highlights from the Deep Freeze in North East to Early Spring in the West Coast….

Phew, what a February!

Despite the deep freeze in the North East, bidders braved the cold in their dedication to find unique items on MaxSold.

MaxSold’s Facebook and Twitter followers (and MaxSold employees) in the North East deep freeze didn’t appreciate it one bit when MaxSold’s Vancouver Manager posted pictures from his Downsizing Online Auction pickup (set in blooming cherry blossom trees and flowery bushes)…

Vancouver Deep Freeze Winter Toronto Deep Freeze Winter

Now to highlights from February’s Deep Freeze 2015…

From 24-hour Super Short Notice Estate Sale Online Auction to Restaurant Liquidation Online Auction there was quite a range (no pun intended).  Below are the highlights…

This antique credenza (in marble topped burnished wood,with ormolu accents) sold on MaxSold for a whopping $1,630 in this North York, Ontario Online Estate Sale auction.

Deep Freeze

Art is very subjective, but lots of bidders fell in love with this Signed Francoise Adnet, Oil on Canvas which sold on MaxSold for $920 in the East York, Toronto Online Auction.

Deep Freeze - East York (Ontario, Canada) Downsizing Online Auction - Douglas Crescent (Millwood Rd / Don Valley Pkwy)

Who doesn’t love a device which does the cleaning for you? This iRobot sells on MaxSold for $290 in this Washington DC Metro area Elliott City, Maryland Online Estate Sale auction.

Deep Freeze

It might be freezing in February, but as evidenced by the $160 hammer price of this Stainless Steel Broil-mate propane BBQ, MaxSold bidders in Maple, Ontario (Toronto area) are thinking ahead.

Deep Freeze

MaxSold bidders have good taste. This Brunello Cucinelli leather coat sold on MaxSold for $380 at a MaxSold Estate Sale Online auction.

Deep Freeze

Photographers love a Nikon D60, and a MaxSold bidder snapped this puppy on MaxSold for $312 after a heated bidding war with several other bidders.

Deep Freeze

MaxSold bidders in Wechester, New York are true collectors and know good finds – as evidenced by these Assorted rings which sold on MaxSold for $840 in Mamaroneck, New York Online Estate Sale auction.

Deep Freeze

Ah, the BIRKS Sterling silverware set.  Who doesn’t love to have company over and proudly bring out a 39 piece set purchased from a MaxSold Estate Online Auction for $850.

Deep Freeze

While we are on the subject of having company over, this Copland Spode Dinner Ware Set (made in England – 16 11″ dinner plates, 6 cups and saucers, 11 7″ plates, 12 8″ plates, 1 14.50″X11.00″ platter (with chip), and 1 17″X13″ platter) sold on MaxSold for $451.

Deep Freeze

If enough people comment on your culinary skills, you might be inclined to open a restaurant.  You should have bid on this Store Fridge which sold on MaxSold for $760 in the Kingston, Ontario Online Restaurant Liquidation Auction.

Deep Freeze

MaxSold really means we sell everything including the Kitchen sink!  This sink sold on MaxSold for $440 in the same Restaurant Liquidation Online Auction.

Deep Freeze

Well, how about that?  This was our first ATM we have auctioned (in 50 years of being in the auction business!)  This Triton ATM Bank Machine sold on MaxSold for $485.  

Deep Freeze

This Capodimonte sold on MaxSold for $155 – cute isn’t it?

Deep Freeze

These copper pots and pans sold on MaxSold for $270 – so don’t toss out that copper… it’s valuable!

Deep Freeze

In a 24-hour Super-Short-Notice Online Moving Auction (due to seller’s constraints) MaxSold auctioned off this Adagio GDP-8800 digital grand piano, and it sold for $710 in Georgetown.  The seller was thrilled that the entirety of her auction did way better than she expected.

Deep Freeze

A Pair of 19th Century Japanese Satsuma painted vases came through this Toronto Online Downsizing auction and brought in a nice $612 for the seller.

Deep Freeze

This gorgeous French Aubusson needlepoint rug sold in a Toronto MaxSold Online Downsizing auction for $435

Deep Freeze

Ansley china sold in this MaxSold Online Downsizing online auction for $340 in Toronto. High tea anyone?

Deep Freeze

While we’re on the tea party theme this Royal Doulton tea set sold for $643 in this MaxSold Online Auction. This extensive set includes 72 pieces.

Deep Freeze

It is amazing the things that people will donate for a charity auction! This Tiffany & Co. Cuff Bracelet brought in $260 for a Bibles for Missions in Bowmanville MaxSold Charity Online Auction.

Deep Freeze

This gorgeous Tempus Fugit Herschede grandfather clock with a walnut finish sold for $630 in MaxSold Online Auction.

Deep Freeze

A couple of buyers must have seen something we were not aware of in these lamps, the bidding war went up to $610 in this Toronto Online Auction!

Deep Freeze

This elaborate Playmobil 5300 doll house and furniture set sold for $220 in this Super Short Notice 24-Hour Georgetown MaxSold Online Auction.

Deep Freeze

Consider hiring MaxSold to sell everything – we sell everything in just two weeks (including the kitchen sink!).

More information on the MaxSold process here.

Top Sellers in January 2015 MaxSold Estate and Downsizing Online

There was quite a range of items sold on MaxSold as part of a downsizing sale, estate sale or inventory reduction for dealers and collectors in January.
Below are some highlights. Consider hiring MaxSold to sell everything – we sell everything in just two weeks.

More information on the MaxSold process here.

Piano And Bench
Sold on MaxSold for $2,550

Pianos aren’t accepted by many consignment stores and auction houses these days, so it’s nice to see pianos bring top dollars on MaxSold – shows you the power of competitive bidding!

Glastron 18 Ft. MX 185 Bowrider Boat
Sold on MaxSold for $18,750

It’s not always we run into an Estate with a boat, but it’s fun to watch the bidding take off with fun things like these!

Lot 6, 1 view of contents, part of Lots 5-10
Sold on MaxSold for $4,350

Yup, these were mystery boxes – hope the buyer was able to make a pretty penny reselling some great finds in these boxes!

Grandfather Clock
Sold on MaxSold for $555

Japanese Silk Screen By Kado Sano
Sold on MaxSold for $510

Art Print
Sold on MaxSold for $340

Sold on MaxSold for $330

Mason And Risch Piano
Sold on MaxSold for $1,605

Eagle Bronze
Sold on MaxSold for $810

Asian Collectibles
Sold on MaxSold for $400

Chair And Ottoman
Sold on MaxSold for $470

Persian Rug
Sold on MaxSold for $400

Sold on MaxSold for $660

Oil On Canvas By A. Torringa
Sold on MaxSold for $595

Barrie (Ontario, Canada) Downsizing Online Auction - Barrie Terrace

Japanese Screen
Sold on MaxSold for $365

Leather Sofa And Love Seat
Sold on MaxSold for $667

Sold on MaxSold for $500

Leather Couch
Sold on MaxSold for $1,550

Barcelona Chair
Sold on MaxSold for $367

Original Art
Sold on MaxSold for $400

Sold on MaxSold for $630

Ladies Mink Lined Coat
Sold on MaxSold for $320

Original Art – Nanni Bensa
Sold on MaxSold for $910

Viking Husqvarna Sewing Machine Sold on MaxSold for $836

Inglis Refrigerator Sold on MaxSold for $385

Norwood (Ontario, Canada) Downsizing Online Auction - Centre Line Rd

Wool Area Rug
Sold on MaxSold for $360

Sold on MaxSold for $2,550

Decorative Lot
Sold on MaxSold for $3,200

Military Binoculars
Sold on MaxSold for $1,109

Turkish Inlay Coffee Table
Sold on MaxSold for $320

Silver Plate Cutlery
Sold on MaxSold for $560

Art Sculpture
Sold on MaxSold for $320

Sterling Silver And Silver Plate Flatware
Sold on MaxSold for $1,900

Antique Sideboard
Sold on MaxSold for $400

Sold on MaxSold for $670

Long Case Grandfather Clock
Sold on MaxSold for $410

Ayrton Senna F1 Helmet
Sold on MaxSold for $760

Lambskin Rug
Sold on MaxSold for $335

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II
Sold on MaxSold for $470

Solid Wood Bedroom Set
Sold on MaxSold for $342

Herman Miller Rolling Chairs And Filing Cabinet
Sold on MaxSold for $711

Dining Table Sold on MaxSold for $710

Sold on MaxSold for $381

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama Oil on Canvas
Sold on MaxSold for $910

Antique Amethyst 9 ct Gold Brooch in Box
Sold on MaxSold for $460

J. McCormack Oil on Canvas
Sold on MaxSold for $360

Howard Miller Floor Clock
Sold on MaxSold for $900

Antique Chinese Agate Necklaces
Sold on MaxSold for $480

Royal Albert Old Country Roses
Sold on MaxSold for $350

Antique Baltic Amber Jewelry
Sold on MaxSold for $380

Bernice Drummond Oil Painting
Sold on MaxSold for $355

Consider hiring MaxSold to sell everything – we sell everything in just two weeks.  More information on the MaxSold process here.

Frames – Thinking Outside Of The Box: Tips #1

I’m sure we have got a few readers out there who are super creative, imaginative, DIY, re-vamping, savants, but if by chance you’re not then keep an eye out for our tips! When buying used, there is more to an item than what meets the eye. As an artist myself, I can tell you, frames are expensive. Expensive! I’ve spent more money on frames than what the art inside costs and it is not hard to do. Save yourself tears at the cash register, search through the framed art on MaxSold! You can move on any art you think is outdated, or not your style to another loving home and keep a valuable frame you could have spent hundreds on, but picked up for a fraction of the cost on MaxSold! Here are some great DIY’s we love:

With a can of paint, hammer and nails, and some MaxSold frames, create a fun frame filled wall in your home. Fill the frames with your child’s art, family portraits, your favourite art, or leave them empty! Click here for the how to! 

Frames Found on Scraphacker
Found on Scraphacker

Quit losing your keys everywhere! Re-Vamp an old frame into a key rack.

Frames Found on Homedit
Found on Homedit

Upgrade your frame with a cork board back or try out chalkboard paint!


Can You Believe It!? Caskets on MaxSold!!

Two Creepy Caskets Sold on MaxSold!!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, I’ve said it a thousand times, MaxSold can sell it. If you don’t believe me, read on, because this story is sure to prove it. This summer we sold not one, but TWO casket boxes. These weren’t beautiful mahogany, silk lined caskets, they are old, zombie, monster, dracula, steer clear of caskets. Imagine the seller using any other service than MaxSold? Craigslist? Kijiji? Ebay? I think not! But our team knows marketing, we published the auction and spread the word to the right people. Combined the caskets brought in $1,460! Witch one would you choose?

white caskets(Casket Box With White Casket 61x18x12 Came with display stands age wear and bird droppings)

Black casket(Casket Box With Black Casket 61x18x12 Cames with display stands age wear and more bird droppings)

If you thought these caskets where creepy then check out MaxSold’s Pinterest Board – MaxSold Creepy. MaxSold have sold everything from a Taxidermy Monkey, to Rabbit Marionette Puppet, to a Mechanical Clown Drummer,  and even some Creepy Dolls.