Four Simple Steps to Automating Testimonials and Customer Feedback



Sushee Perumal


Presentation by Sushee Perumal, B. Eng, MBA, CEO of MaxSold

As the CEO of MaxSold, Sushee created a high-performance, customer-focused organization from the ground up with bases in 30 metros in USA and Canada with several hundred engaged employees. Before joining MaxSold, Sushee executed the development and implementation of projects that involve innovation in use today spanning multiple time zones impacting 8000+ employees at Bell Canada, AmEx and Dell.

Sushee is a pilot with a Commercial and Instrument rating and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Queen's University. Sushee is an active consultant to corporations and startups in the area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

This session goes over the strategy and tactics to automate the process of getting testimonials and customer feedback.

This webinar will cover...

1. Four simple steps to setup automation

2. Two free tools to create the automation

Only 10 spots available this session so reserve early for this limited-time free session.