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2018 Best Of 2018

When we explain that we do online auctions in 30+ metros in North America to sell everything with local expert help, we are often asked about the weirdest things we've sold

Well, we don't think it gets weirder than used Dentures at a MaxSold online auction...

or this Birthing Set for $65...


Caskets (used)? Check. Chicken plucker? Check ...and a whole lot more weird things. We even have a post on weird items sold. The follow-up question is typically what the "best" MaxSold auctions are. Well, it depends what "the best" means.

If "the best" is defined as sales gross, then we can focus on some of the high grossing and most interesting sales as a "Best of 2018" list.

Like this Georgia MaxSold auction (grossed $20k), Ontario MaxSold auction (grossed a whopping $68k), Colorado auction (grossed $19k), Massachusetts (grossed $28k), New Jersey (grossed $25k), Texas (grossed $17k),  Washington state (grossed $14k), Ohio (grossed $6k), Connecticut (grossed $6k), Pennsylvania (grossed $18k),  Arizona (grossed $7k), Florida (grossed $15k), New York (grossed $20k)Rhode Island (grossed $10k) and British Columbia (grossed $22k)

However, at MaxSold we educate the seller that "the best" means a clearout within their timelines - with a process that respects the goods, keeps things out of the landfill and an experience that's enjoyable.

This definition of "best" isn't without challenges. Sellers often have expectations that somehow timelines AND price can be controlled with reserves or minimum starting bids.

The only outcomes of reserves and minimum starting bids is this: the items go unsold, and the seller has to move the items into storage and pay to store it decades - for far more that those items are worth.

So for the "Best of 2018", we will remember auctions where the MaxSold team has had a positive impact had on the lives of our sellers, and work to create a lot more experiences like these in 2019...

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