2021 Winter Campaign


UNTIL: For all auctions closed on or before 1st March 2021

10% Commission Share for all referred auctions (even if partners don’t manage the auctions themselves)

To ensure there is no misunderstanding between us, there are a few terms and conditions. Sale must be closed by 1st March, 2021. Limited to 500 auctions - first come, first serve. Each participant is only eligible for one commission share in this promotion and cannot combine this with other promotional or referral programs we offer from time-to-time. You can earn commission shares for anyone for their first auction only. The commission share can not be applied against an auction in progress, a completed auction, or an existing contract for a future auction. To be eligible, the referred person has to be in good standing with us. We have the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time. We will pay your commission share within two weeks of the auction pick-up date. Sale has to amount to at least $1000. Please make sure you refer the client by filling https://go.maxsold.com/refer form.

Referral must come from an existing seller, buyer, non-office team member or MaxSold professional partner at the time of referral.

You can not refer to yourself.

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