5 Pictures and Stories behind the National Post feature on MaxSold

Missed the feature on MaxSold in the National Post?  View the article here. Below is an exclusive behind the scenes, and five other pictures that the National Post almost selected. The National Post reporter was super-enthusiastic to learn about how MaxSold provides expert help and targeted marketing to sell everything for clients downsizing, settling an estate or clearing a business.

The reporter was keen in hearing more about MaxSold's social media presence... they were impressed with how MaxSold inspires 15,000+ Facebook fans, 1000s of Pinterest followers with re-use and re-purpose ideas!

Last but not least, National Post was very interested in the role antiques still played in our society, and MaxSold had the perfect response...

“Things that were made to last forever and guess what, forever hasn’t come yet.  They still have a lot of life left.”

At one point the reporter got distracted and wanted to hear all about one of our upcoming auctions! Soooo... MaxSold may have a new bidder, and we might see her loading up her truck like this bidder!

The above are just a few of the GREAT shots that National Post had to choose from for the article! Know anyone downsizing, settling an estate or clearing a business? Refer them to MaxSold, AND earn money for your referral when it turns into an auction!
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