90% of seniors want to age in their own home

by Karoline Gore

Irresistible Luxury for Seniors’ Homes

Around 47 million people aged 65 and above live in the United States and according to data from World Population Prospects, this number is expected to double by 2050. As a result, the senior market is growing for everything from clothing to comfort items and, logically, home design. If you are a senior yourself or you have an older family member who loves the home life, what home features can you include to make their lives more luxurious and appealing?

Luxury Auction Items

If you have limited mobility and you need a comfortable TV chair, why not opt for a unique piece such as an upholstered chair with its own matching ottoman? Original, antique, or designer pieces can easily be found in online auctions so make a list of items that would make your life a little more comfortable then conduct your search on the Maxsold auction site. You will find everything from gorgeous wood carved pieces to delicate Royal Albert crockery, vintage ashtray stands, and other signature pieces that can bring back the glory of past times.

Styling Up Home Renovations

Having health conditions such as arthritis and osteopenia/osteoporosis means that you need a little more stability in your home. The World Health Organization notes that around 30% of people over 65 fall every year, with areas like the bathroom and entrance steps posing a particularly high risk. If you have the budget for it, replace tubs with walk-in showers that boast the latest design features (including tiny metallic tiles, or materials such as marble, granite, or quartz. Increase the height of toilets so you don’t have to bend too low to sit, and so that getting up is less of a task. For a little playful fun, opt for a luxury toilet that measures your BMI, blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature, etc. These are very popular in Japan, as are toilets with stereo speakers that play your favorite tunes on command! Whatever renovation or installation is necessary, add a touch of class through the materials and styles you use. From colorfully veined marble to hand-carved wood, there are many little details that speak to the luxury lover’s appreciation of beauty.

Gourmet Fantasy

Interacting with more people has been found to keep older adults healthy, and this is why inviting your friends to your home is a fantastic way to boost your physical and mental health. If you are a coffee aficionado, set up a coffee corner in one corner of your kitchen. You might set up a small, low-set bar and fit it with stylish yet low stools. The bar should be close enough to an outlet so you can set up your brewing machines and have enough storage space for your ethical coffee beans from all over the world. Bring out your luxury ceramic hand painted items and fill them with teas and beans that your visitors can choose from when enjoying a coffee morning with you.

Bedroom Fantasy

Your quality of sleep can be affected as you age, with health conditions and medications sometimes making it hard to make your way through all the crucial sleep cycles. One way to boost your comfort and find the exact position you need to fall and stay asleep is by investing in an adjustable bed. Luxury beds can be moved to a higher or lower position, or be used to raise your legs or head etc. as required, at the touch of a button. Many also have extra features such as under-bed lighting, a wake-up alarm, and a dedicated smartphone app.

Americans are living longer than ever, so if you are a senior, make your home as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as you can; you will be enjoying it for a long and fruitful time. From small touches such as building your own gourmet corner to investing in a major renovation, the main consideration should always be safety. Ideally, a home designer should be called in to identify potential ways to increase your comfort, but you can always do your own research. Even if you opt for luxury, getting the best price possible for furniture and auction items are always fulfilling so look into old and new items and compare price and functionality!

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