COVID-19 Update from MaxSold - Monday August 10th, 2020

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As a reminder, to continue the evolving compliance requirements of communities across North America to stop the spread of COVID, wearing a mask or facial cover/shield is mandatory at all Maxsold Pickups!

Effective immediately, if you do not have proper attire to protect, you will be refused service for the health and safety of everyone with no refund.

Note: Full refunds will be issued to all winning bidders in the event MaxSold has to cancel an auction/pickup due to COVID-19.

MaxSold Continues Cautious Ramp Up Of Auctions with Contactless Pickups

To the partners, sellers, bidders, and communities we serve,

MaxSold is continuing to operate our revised pick up process (built and field tested with partner support) to ensure the safety of our communities while supporting sellers with transition deadlines. This new process safely supports sellers having to transition, while ensuring useful items are diverted from landfills into the homes of those who wish to purchase used items to curb everyday living costs. Buyer and seller feedback on the process continues to give us confidence we can continue to safely support sellers in need. That said, we do wish to continue reminding people of the three key elements we have installed to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

(1) Winning bidders must sign-up for specific pickup time-slot(s) (1 slot per lot purchased) after auction closing (and before pickup day) to: (a) Receive the exact address of the pickup (b) Enable sellers to prepare for buyer arrival times for quick removal of items (c) Support social distancing and greatly reduce wait times

(2) Time-slot(s) are selected on a first come first serve basis. Those who do not have or miss their time slot(s) may have to wait for buyer traffic to calm down before being granted safe access to their goods.

(3) Everyone from partners, team members, buyers (and their helpers), and sellers are to wear a facial covering/mask and stay 2 metres/6 feet apart while on location (including during cataloging).

While process refinements continue, we are further expanding our restart efforts with MaxSold Managed services in Ontario, British Columbia, Georgia, Maryland/DC, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Arizona and Pennsylvania. Partner and Seller Managed auctions continue in all regions where regulations permit. Seller Managed Sellers are still required to complete a short training session to ensure safety at pickup. Updates will continue.

As an additional commitment to our communities, we recognize that many charitable fundraising efforts have been cancelled due to COVID-19 including golf matches, runs, bikes, social events, etc. In response, MaxSold has launched a 0% commission model for any charity looking to conduct a fundraising sale at this time.

We continue to invite those that are comfortable to participate knowing that they have new safety protocols to accept and adopt including a request for feedback (for continuous improvement). Those who still feel unsafe or are unable to comply must refrain from participating. For clarification should visit our COVID-19 FAQ’s. We appreciate your ongoing support to members of your local community as they transition. Thank you for your continued understanding while we balance current, critical safety elements with the important needs of the customers we were built to serve.  

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If you have any questions, or suggestions regarding the new process, please provide feedback here.

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