Considering Adding a Granny Flat to Your Home?


Why You Should Consider Adding A Granny Flat To Your Home

The median price of an existing home in the US increased by 4.3 percent from 2018 to reach an all-time high of $285,700, according to the National Association of Realtors. The US is currently experiencing a housing crisis, and one of the things people are doing to address it is adding granny flats to their homes. Also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADUs), a granny flat is a secondary dwelling on your property designed to house one or two people. It can be completely detached, attached to the main house, a converted garage, or a part of the house converted into a granny flat. Modern granny flat designs incorporate various features that make a home, such as a kitchenette, bathroom, closet storage, and independent HVAC system, making it possible for people to live in them independently. If you’ve been considering building a granny flat on your property, there are various benefits that you should take into account.    

It enables you to keep your family and friends close...

A granny flat provides additional accommodation for your extended family, particularly the elderly parents. Seniors who prefer to age in place can be lonely at times, especially when their family members don’t live close. A granny flat can be the perfect place for your elderly relatives to live, as it helps them stay close to family and empowers them to maintain independence. When you have a granny flat, you can also expect more visits from friends and family who normally wouldn’t visit due to the fear of taking up too much space in your home.    

It sets you up for easier retirement...

Retirement can be a tough time for you if you are not well-prepared. With no source of income, you need to look at your daily expenses and think of ways to reduce them, working out which elements are essential. A great way to start is by reducing your housing expenses. Many retirees continue to live in homes that they bought when they had a family and are now much bigger than they need. If you have a modern granny flat with all the design features you need for independent living, downsizing will be much easier for you. Plus, since a granny flat is much smaller than an ordinary home, taking care of it will be a lot easier and more affordable for you.   

It improves the value of your property...

A granny flat will definitely add more value to your property, and if you ever need to sell, it can help you stand out from the competition. However, for it to work, you need to ensure that you have a granny flat design that not only looks good on its own, but also blends in well with the existing home and doesn't encroach too much on your garden. You must also ensure that you comply with all the laws when building it. Any homeowner who is smart enough to build a granny flat on his/her property stands to benefit in many ways for decades to come. However, before building your granny flat, make sure that you comply with the laws and find a builder who can deliver the quality you need.
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