How to Add Modern Style to a Loft Conversion

When it comes to resale value, loft conversions are one of the best home extension investments for homeowners, according to Real Homes. Loft conversions add style, monetary values, and often give homes a touch of modernity that is both inspiring and on-trend. As a bonus, they expand your living space. If you're interested in changing things up at your home by opting for a loft conversion, you should choose fixtures and decor that highlight the modern "bones" and overall airy feel of your loft conversion. Modern fixtures and decor are often available at MaxSold auctions and can be a perfect match for loft spaces. These tips will make it easy for you to give your loft conversion the ultimate in sleek, modern style.

Add round skylights above a staircase

A skylight is a light source, but it's also a design element, and it can be a particularly stunning design element as long as it's chosen with care. As you probably already know, skylights are big apertures or windows inset in a roof. They give loft conversions a warmer look, by letting in plenty of natural light. When modern, sophisticated skylights are selected, they will become focal points in a loft, thanks to their striking, sculptural simplicity. One fun and ultra-modern design idea to consider would be adding a cluster of skylights, such as skylights with round shapes, above a winding staircase. Natural light will flood downwards while people climb the stairs, and they may gaze at the stars at night before going to their upstairs bedrooms to sleep.

Use vintage and up-cycled items in modern ways

A modern aesthetic doesn't mean that there's no room for the past. When you add vintage items or materials, or up-cycled design elements, and use them in modern ways, you'll give your loft decor more richness and character. For example, vintage steel containers found at auction may be utilized as indoor planters, because their simple shapes complement the modern vibe. Another option is turning beautiful reclaimed planks into a long, simple dining table. Up-cycling of materials is a hot trend, and using reclaimed woods to create modern furnishings and accessories will be a great way to participate in the environmentally-conscious up-cycling movement.

Stick with simple furnishing in neutral tones

If you're into modern style, you're probably a bit of a minimalist. You may gravitate towards a clean, neutral palette consisting of cream, taupe and brown. If so, you're definitely on the right track when it comes to selecting a palette for your loft conversion decor. Stick with neutral furnishings with simple shapes. For example, a long, used leather sofa in a soft brown shade, which you found for a great price online, will be a perfect centerpiece in a loft, as well as being very functional. Stick with simple shapes, whether furnishings and accessories are new or old. Simple is modern, and simple shapes never look fussy or dated, because those shapes aren't overdone.

Now that you have some ideas about how to add modern style to your loft conversion, you'll be ready to get creative. The love and hard work that you put into designing and decorating your loft conversion will pay off. When it's time to resell, you'll find that your efforts lead to bigger profits.
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