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Adjusting to Life After Downsizing

Written by: Karoline Gore

Downsizing the home has become far more popular, particular for the older generations. A survey done by McCarthy & Stone found that 48% of people over the age of 65 would like to move to a smaller home. There are numerous reasons to do this: perhaps your current home is too big for your needs, or maybe it requires a lot of maintenance. Or perhaps you would simply like to raise funds for the future. Whatever your reasons, once you have downsized, it may take a little adjustment to get used to living in a smaller space. You will also need to consider whether you need all of your possessions - it is definitely a good opportunity to de-clutter.

Thinking about sound

When you live in a smaller home, you may notice that you can hear more from the people that you live with. The vast majority of modern homes have walls made from plasterboard, which is relatively thin. It means that you are likely to hear what the person in the next room is doing. Normally this isn’t a problem; however, you may find that some sounds, such as snoring, carry easily. In which case there is a simple solution - soundproofing a wall will reduce sound. It will also add more insulation to your home, so that it's warmer.

Prioritizing your possessions

When you downsize your home, you will generally find that you have to downsize your possessions as well. For many, it is a good opportunity to get rid of items that they simply don’t use or need anymore. If an item doesn’t bring you joy, or doesn’t have a practical purpose, then it is time to donate it. If you have a lot of books, it is worth considering getting an eReader instead. If you have a CD collection, you may want to consider moving to digital, or using a streaming service instead. When you downsize, you may not have space to keep items “just in case,” so it is time to either move them on, or think about a storage solution.

Streamlining storage

Storage is key when you are downsizing your home. If you are economical and organized, you can make your new home beautiful. In the bedrooms, install under-bed storage boxes, or consider a divan bed so that you can store seasonal items, clothing or bedding. Cupboards above the bed are also a good option for items that are only used occasionally. If your living areas have an unusual shape, then custom-made, built in storage cupboards are often the best option. You may also find that you have to reassess your wardrobes and chests of drawers as they may not fit as well in your new home.

When you are downsizing your home, you will probably find that you have to also downsize your possessions and become more organized. However this will give you the opportunity to live a de-cluttered and stress-free life in your new home.

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