Estate Sale and Downsizing Sale Highlights: April 2017 at MaxSold

April 2017 closed with over 230 auctions across North America. Highlights from those auctions below...

Paul Roman

"A Royal Military College classmate of mine, one of the most hyper critical people I know, recently asked me if I had ever heard of MaxSold. I asked why and he replied – it was one of the most amazing things he has seen on the internet. How about that!" - Paul Roman, Associate Professor, Management Science and Operations, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Stoneware Jugs
Sold on MaxSold for $1650

Stoneware Jugs'

4 Jugs. Tallest is 9X7X16. Note wear.

Espresso Maker
Sold on MaxSold for $1350

Espresso Maker'

Wega Espresso and coffee Maker. Model end.2.sphera. Untested. 28X19X20.5.

Coffee Grinder
Sold on MaxSold for $655

Coffee Grinder'

Vintage enterprise MFG Co coffee grinder. 24X17X24. Note wear.

Sold on MaxSold for $510


Rare, working, Victor hand crank Victrola. Comes with large selection of needles. Some 78 records in excellent condition but without jackets included. Good condition with some signs of wear. 20X22X44.

Cherry Jedediah Weiss Grandfather Clock
Sold on MaxSold for $1322

Cherry Jedediah Weiss Grandfather Clock'

Antique - dates from late 1800's, Jedediah Weiss cherry grandfather clock. Works, chimes. 18X11X90. Very heavy. Bring help.

Pinwheel Crystal Collection
Sold on MaxSold for $140

Pinwheel Crystal Collection'

12 white wine glasses, 12 champagne flutes, 12 liqueur glasses, 7 red wine glasses, 12 highball glasses (one has a slight chip - see pic), liquor decanter, pitcher, 4pc sugar and creamer set, candy dish, 2 small vases, large ashtray, small ashtray (has some barely noticeable chips)

Gold Jewelry
Sold on MaxSold for $820

Gold Jewelry'

14k and 10k bracelets, necklace, and rings. Amethyst earrings and charm bracelet.

Antique Doors From Convent
Sold on MaxSold for $320

Antique Doors From Convent'

2 sets French doors (4 doors in total)19 3/4 x 90 unique hardware some glass needs replacing

Royal Crown Derby Imari
Sold on MaxSold for $775

Royal Crown Derby Imari'

25 piece Royal Crown Derby, traditional Imari pattern. Six side plates, 7 cups, 7 saucers, covered teapot NOTE has chip on tip of the spout as shown, covered sugar bowl, creamer. All pieces marked Royal Crown Derby except one cup which is marked Aynsley. No chips or cracks on rest, near mint condition.

Hummel Figurines
Sold on MaxSold for $61

Hummel Figurines'

3 Hummel figurines including miniature house by David Winter titled The Bothy.

Antique Wash Stand
Sold on MaxSold for $360

Antique Wash Stand'

32x18x28 solid wood original brass hardware, castors, some wear on surface. Contents NOT included.

Morecroft Vase
Sold on MaxSold for $175

Morecroft Vase'

4 Morecroft Vase Bring packing material.

Fishing Poles
Sold on MaxSold for $410

Fishing Poles'

5 fishing poles of various lengths. A Mitchell Anniversary edition IM6 Graphite 7' fishing pole with a Mitchell 300 pro reel. A Mitchell Copperhead 6'6" rod. Model No MCH66MHT. With a Quantium PF300 reel.An Okuma EVX Graphite IM8 6'6" rod with a ACS AC 501PT reel. A Berkley Hunter Graphite Rod with a slimrod mix Quickfire reel. A Royal Vectran 6'6" IM7 rod with a Mitchell 630 reel.

Vintage Chanel Hand Bag And More
Sold on MaxSold for $820

Vintage Chanel Hand Bag And More'

6 hand bags/evening clutches including: Authentic Black Chanel leather flap quilted bag with gold tone logo closure, lined in leather, stamped Chanel. (13x4x8). Note slight discolouration damage to one panel.

Tonka Trucks
Sold on MaxSold for $197

Tonka Trucks'

6 Tonka trucks, vintage condition. Army vehicles, fire truck, Allied moving van - needs repair of one of the wheels, sand loader, and more. Note wear.

Vintage 7 Drawer Singer Sewing Machine And Contents
Sold on MaxSold for $850

Vintage 7 Drawer Singer Sewing Machine And Contents'

7 drawers embossed front and side. Cabinet is 30in tall, 50in when out. Many attachments and parts. See lot 36 for other parts which may fit this machine. Lots of items in drawers. Same item on EBay for $999.00 Untested. Note wear.

Jade Figurine
Sold on MaxSold for $190

Jade Figurine'

8.5" tall Japanese jade lady figurine and bracelet.

Archie comic Digests
Sold on MaxSold for $174

Archie comic Digests'

A banker's box full of Archie Comic digests mostly from the mid to late 1990s. Timeless! Riverdale tales to delight a new generation!

Sold on MaxSold for $189


A variety of electronics, 2 TCA203ROG home monitors, key board, 2 headphones, 2 mice, Sony DVD player, Acer monitor, Vtech notebook, Toshiba laptop and a Kobo. Most have no cords, some wear, all untested, sold AS IS

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System
Sold on MaxSold for $219

Bose Acoustic Wave Music System'

Also includes Bose speakers, remotes, manuals, blank CDs and cases, CD storage, tallest 42H. Untested.

Antique Vintage Camera And Accessories
Sold on MaxSold for $223

Antique Vintage Camera And Accessories'

Antique camera with film plates, chemical beekers and more.

Antique Jugs
Sold on MaxSold for $245

Antique Jugs'

Antique Jugs - Notice stains on back 19X12X12 and 14X8.5X8.5 for smaller jug -

Clay Pots and More
Sold on MaxSold for $1010

Clay Pots and More'

Assorted American Indian style clay pots. Smallest 2.5 inches, tallest 6.75.

Sold on MaxSold for $220


Assorted books including unopened C. S. Lewis box set, various cookbooks, and more.

Jewelry Assorted Necklaces
Sold on MaxSold for $396

Jewelry Assorted Necklaces'

Assorted necklaces all costume with one exception. Gold 1911 Liberty 2 and half dollar. Framed in an 18K setting. Untested chain.

Paintball Gun Set
Sold on MaxSold for $230

Paintball Gun Set'

Barely used, working condition, paintball delta elite gun, included as well are a helmet, extra hopper (unopened), air cartridge (untested).

Sold on MaxSold for $105


Beacon Lantern. Red Glass. Rusted. 15 inches. Empire Kerosine Lantern No 237. Wear. 14inches.

Blue Glass
Sold on MaxSold for $140

Blue Glass'

Blue glassware including wine glasses, bottle, decanters, bowl, Vase, shot glasses, desert glasses, aperitif glasses. Note wear.

Hot Wheels
Sold on MaxSold for $215

Hot Wheels'

Assorted Hot Wheels cars.

Sold on MaxSold for $220


Bose CineMate Series II digital home theater speaker system with remote. Seller states working.

C.G. Conn French Horn
Sold on MaxSold for $245

C.G. Conn French Horn'

Brass French horn made in Elkhart IN. Used condition with tarnish, scratches, dents. Case is worn and torn.

Breitling Watch
Sold on MaxSold for $1155

Breitling Watch'

Breitling watch. Markings indicate stainless steel. Extra links for strap. Untested. No documentation. Note soiled and wear.

Camera Lenses
Sold on MaxSold for $221

Camera Lenses'

Canon, Sigma. Case with cords. Untested.

Decorative Animals
Sold on MaxSold for $205

Decorative Animals'

Cat wall hanging for letters, cow with girl and dog, small hairline in base, swan with cherub planter filled with shells and milk glass cat on basket with lattice rimmed top.

Fine China
Sold on MaxSold for $1210

Fine China'

Coalport dinner service including 32 tea cups and 30 saucers, 24 eleven inch dinner plates, 23 side plates, 24 bread plates,. Appraised at 8k cream and sugar and server with packing.

Electric Shoprider
Sold on MaxSold for $1300

Electric Shoprider'

Cobra 778EL Shoprider adjustable seat electric scooter with manuals and charger. In working order.

Electronic Alarm Clocks, Phones, Hearing Aid
Sold on MaxSold for $461

Electronic Alarm Clocks, Phones, Hearing Aid'

Connect Hearing Aid Phonic PilotOne, AT&T phone & answering system Dec6.0. Nikon Coolpix camera. Pulsar radio alarm mod#44-2188-8. Pulsar mod #44-2000-4 and Onn radio alarm clock. Bring packing material.

Stoneware Crock
Sold on MaxSold for $274

Stoneware Crock'

Crock 8X12X17. Note wear and residue.

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym
Sold on MaxSold for $335

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym'

Disassembled but comes with all pieces and Assembly and Owner's manuals - in good condition.

Elephant and Tiger Metal Statues
Sold on MaxSold for $670

Elephant and Tiger Metal Statues'

Elephant and tiger metal statues. Elephant is 13 inches long. Tiger is 14 inches long. Very heavy.

Thermal Life Sauna
Sold on MaxSold for $549

Thermal Life Sauna'

features infra red light. Large enough to fit two people, must be disassembled on site 60.5X43X72.5 model number NPE-3S. Located in a basement.

Fender Amplifier And More
Sold on MaxSold for $520

Fender Amplifier And More'

Fender amplifier, untested. Plus microphone with stand, untested. Some wear.

Wood Box
Sold on MaxSold for $300

Wood Box'

Field and Reeves Royal Diamond Needles wood box with drawers. 17X14X16. Note crack.

Ford F150 VIN 2FTZF1729YCA2352
Sold on MaxSold for $6800

Ford F150 VIN 2FTZF1729YCA2352'

Ford F-150 XL, year 2000, VIN 2FTZF1729YCA23526, odometer 063661.9, with lined bed, crank windows, spare tire. Sells As Is.

Sold on MaxSold for $350


Framed mirror 34X23X76. Note cracks in frame.

GE GFSL6KKYCLS Stainless Fridge
Sold on MaxSold for $840

GE GFSL6KKYCLS Stainless Fridge'

GE Refrigerator, brushed stainless exterior, two minor bump spots on front, in good working order, 36X32X70. Will be disconnected by seller prior to pickup.

Nikon D200 SLR Camera With 18-135mm Zoom Lens.
Sold on MaxSold for $240

Nikon D200 SLR Camera With 18-135mm Zoom Lens.'

Gently used Nikon SLR camera with zoom lens. Comes with original packaging, 2 battery packs, battery charger, upload cords and a 4 GB compact flash card. Excellent condition.

Barber Shop Pole
Sold on MaxSold for $445

Barber Shop Pole'

Genuine vintage barber shop pole in working order with glass protector in tact. Chrome base and metal ends. With pole bank and models and more.

Tea Set
Sold on MaxSold for $1300

Tea Set'

Hammersley tea service set with eight tea and four coffee cups with saucers, four dinner and salad plates, eight bread plates, 5X8 tea pot, cream and sugar caddy and more.

Gone With The Wind Style Oil Lamp
Sold on MaxSold for $95

Gone With The Wind Style Oil Lamp'

Hand Painted, 25" tall oil lamp with brass parts,15" chimney.

Sterling Silver Tray
Sold on MaxSold for $830

Sterling Silver Tray'

Includes a large Sterling silver serving platter, approx. 12". Coordinates with lots 20 and 21. All adequately marked.

Sterling Silver Tea Set
Sold on MaxSold for $510

Sterling Silver Tea Set'

Includes a Sterling silver tea pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Coordinates with lots 20 and 22. All adequately marked.

Hulakai Paddleboard and Cover
Sold on MaxSold for $340

Hulakai Paddleboard and Cover'

Includes coordinating cover. Measures 144 x 30 . Note: age and wear. Come to pick up in category B time-slot

Oven - D
Sold on MaxSold for $610

Oven - D'

Industrial Blodgett oven 38X38X60. Untested. Note wear.

Sold on MaxSold for $1205


Keep rite furnace . As per seller less than 6 months old. Model FG 9MXE.

Leather Turtle
Sold on MaxSold for $235

Leather Turtle'

Leather turtle foot stool. 25X30X11.

Vintage Camera and Accessories
Sold on MaxSold for $720

Vintage Camera and Accessories'

Leica 35 mm camera. Nikon 28, 55, 20, 105, and 50 mm lens with filters

Lincoln 140 Mig With Autoarkening Helmet
Sold on MaxSold for $430

Lincoln 140 Mig With Autoarkening Helmet'

Lincoln 140 mig welder in working condition with hose and stand and auto-darkening helmet.

Lladro Figurine 13
Sold on MaxSold for $580

Lladro Figurine 13'

Lladro figurine.

Lladro Figurine 16
Sold on MaxSold for $250

Lladro Figurine 16'

Lladro figurine.

109 LPs with covers and inserts
Sold on MaxSold for $2130

109 LPs with covers and inserts'

LPs with inserts and records

Drafting Table
Sold on MaxSold for $522

Drafting Table'

Mayline power-tilt and adjustable drafting table 60X44X80. Includes Mutoh drafting machine and scales. Center panel is a light table. In working condition. Bring help and tools to disassemble. First floor.

Sports Cards
Sold on MaxSold for $220

Sports Cards'

Memorial Hockey Cards featuring Heroes and Legends.

Press Inks
Sold on MaxSold for $210

Press Inks'

Metal shelving with press inks. 39x13x84. Bring packing material.

Commercial Paper Cutter
Sold on MaxSold for $280

Commercial Paper Cutter'

Microcut jr. by Quantum. Comes with tools and two extra blades. Works. Very heavy bring help to move. 36" blade, 30" throat. Will need forklift & crane as it is extremely heavy.

Evinrude 4 HP Motor
Sold on MaxSold for $505

Evinrude 4 HP Motor'

Model E4RERE, appears too have extended shaft, engine measures approx 38.5 . Includes 3 gas cans, misc engine liquids. Note: condition unknown, liquids not full.

Industrial Dishwasher
Sold on MaxSold for $763

Industrial Dishwasher'

Moyer Diebel industrial dish washer 23.5X24X34. Model 361HT-70. Untested. Note scratches.

Oil On Canvas
Sold on MaxSold for $850

Oil On Canvas'

Oil On Canvas 72X56. The Blind by Kim Atlin. Note wear. Includes a custom light.

Old Master Towle Sterling Silver Utensils, More
Sold on MaxSold for $1750

Old Master Towle Sterling Silver Utensils, More'

Old Master - Towle Sterling Silver Utensils. Waterford crystal salt and pepper shakers.

Key Collection
Sold on MaxSold for $210

Key Collection'

One plastic bin of all types of assorted keys, many vintage. Seller was a locksmith. Old keys, new keys. Vintage Mr. Key lamp globe. many of these items are over 60 years old.

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Bronze Shoulder Planes
Sold on MaxSold for $300

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Bronze Shoulder Planes'

One small and one large Lie-Nielsen Toolworks bronze shoulder planes. Seller says not used.

Original Antique Chinese Screen W/ Real Jade Stone
Sold on MaxSold for $1211

Original Antique Chinese Screen W/ Real Jade Stone'

Original antique Chinese screen with jade stones. There are 6 panels, each measuring 16 inches across, it measures 6 feet tall. Excellent condition. Original hardware. See pics for details, as is.

Large Flexsteel Leather Reclining Couch. C
Sold on MaxSold for $1460

Large Flexsteel Leather Reclining Couch. C'

Power reclining mechanisms on both sides work smoothly. 89X41X48. In as new condition. Purchased from Reid's Furniture 1 yr ago per seller. Sections come apart for transport, but are heavy, bring help to move. From smoke free home.

Lladro, Bing Grondahl Denmark Figures
Sold on MaxSold for $100

Lladro, Bing Grondahl Denmark Figures'

Reclining boy with book figurine by Lladro, in excellent condition, 16X7. B and G Musician on Barrel figure, made in Denmark, 9 in.

Retro Nintendo
Sold on MaxSold for $190

Retro Nintendo'

Retro Nintendo game console untested and missing zapper gun, assorted Nintendo games, TV game joysticks, Sega game gear, vintage home computer cartridges, Gameboy games.

Sports Cards
Sold on MaxSold for $260

Sports Cards'

Rookie Cards for Brett Hull, Adam oats Mario Lemieux and Ricky Henderson. Laminated baseball and hockey cards.

Weigh Scale
Sold on MaxSold for $115

Weigh Scale'

Scale 27X12X12. Note scratches.

Art And More
Sold on MaxSold for $3600

Art And More'

Signed art and prints and southwestern area rug. One art piece is coming out of frame.

Bronze Fairy
Sold on MaxSold for $470

Bronze Fairy'

Signed bronze fairy on marble base. 15 inches high.

Silk Runner
Sold on MaxSold for $520

Silk Runner'

Silk runner. Measures 30X121.

Pottery Barn King Bed
Sold on MaxSold for $721

Pottery Barn King Bed'

Slip cover headboard 78X53, has some discoloration. All Better Homes linens included. Like new Sterns And Foster pillow top mattress optional. Located on second floor.

Sony Reel To Reel Player
Sold on MaxSold for $230

Sony Reel To Reel Player'

Sony TC-765 Reel to Reel player. 17.5X20.5X8 includes box of tapes. Working as per seller. Note: Requires a pre-amplifier to work.

Emile Laporte Lamp
Sold on MaxSold for $310

Emile Laporte Lamp'

Stamped Emile Laporte. Works. No finial. 45 tall with shade. Coordinates with lamp in lot 521.

Sterling Silver Punch Bowl with 12 matching cups
Sold on MaxSold for $931

Sterling Silver Punch Bowl with 12 matching cups'

Sterling Silver Punch Bowl - 12.5 diameter, with 12 matching cups

Fishing Lot
Sold on MaxSold for $121

Fishing Lot'

Tackle box with lures and misc fishing items, 2 fishing rods, 2 fishing nets, 2 life jackets (NOTE: may NOT be regulation), 2 small coolers, boat seat, cement anchor, styrofoam bate container. Note: wear, condition of fishing equipment unknown.

Pelican Kayak
Sold on MaxSold for $440

Pelican Kayak'

Ten foot kayak with two life jackets and a paddle - all in great condition.

Baseball, Basketball, Hockey Football Sports Cards, Toronto Maple Leaf Plaque, Mug & More
Sold on MaxSold for $340

Baseball, Basketball, Hockey Football Sports Cards, Toronto Maple Leaf Plaque, Mug & More'

The sports cards weigh approximately 40 pounds, or 50 pounds when including the box and seven binders they are in

Thorens Turntable
Sold on MaxSold for $405

Thorens Turntable'

Thorens model 160 turntable. Untested.

Ladder and Lamp
Sold on MaxSold for $103

Ladder and Lamp'

Twelve foot folding ladder and worklight.

Two Lladro Figurines 4
Sold on MaxSold for $160

Two Lladro Figurines 4'

Two Lladro figurines.

Moorcroft B
Sold on MaxSold for $430

Moorcroft B'

Two mini Moorcroft bud vases. 4 inches. One Moorcroft salt shaker. Potter to the late Queen Mary.

Antique Early 20th Century Chinese Wooden Lacquered 4 Panel Privacy Screen
Sold on MaxSold for $1510

Antique Early 20th Century Chinese Wooden Lacquered 4 Panel Privacy Screen'

Up for sale is this very nice wooden early 20th century Chinese four panel screen. Each panel decorated in mother of pearl, hardstone and semi precious stones with relief scenes of cranes in a marsh and mountain landscape, the rectangular panels over square ones decorated with floral designs, the reverse panels decorated in gilt lacquer with bird and branch designs. Due to it's age and travels, there are a few nicks in the wood however, it does not take away from the overall appearance of this piece. It is 71.5 high and each panel is about 16 wide. This has been appraised at over $800

Gentleman's Chair. C
Sold on MaxSold for $332


Upholstered chair with arms, 26X22X41, age wear and stains to arms, on wheels at front.

Nippon And Unmarked Porcelain
Sold on MaxSold for $235

Nippon And Unmarked Porcelain'

Various sizes of vases, top shelf is all Nippon, other shelf is unnamed.

Anvil 1 O 8
Sold on MaxSold for $310

Anvil 1 O 8'

Very large and heavy anvil weighing 120 pounds - with numbers 1 0 8.

Lalique Bowl
Sold on MaxSold for $170

Lalique Bowl'

Very lovely heavy glass Lalique bowl with delicate "daisy like" design. Clearly marked "Lalique" on bottom.

Above Ground Bathtub
Sold on MaxSold for $571

Above Ground Bathtub'

Victoria Albert tub 58X24X32. Wall Taps included. Heavy. Will require 3 or 4 people to move because of weight and maneuvering through house.

Roserg Slot Machine
Sold on MaxSold for $220

Roserg Slot Machine'

Vintage Dixie Dominoes slot machine by Rosburg. Key included. Untested. Note soiled, pitting, wear, discolouration of metal.

Vintage Safe Fountain Pens Flask and More
Sold on MaxSold for $814

Vintage Safe Fountain Pens Flask and More'

Vintage safe, combination number missing, vintage eye glasses, strop strap, fountain pen, no makers name, glassware, and more.

Coffee Grinders
Sold on MaxSold for $220

Coffee Grinders'

Vintage wood coffee grinder, vintage wall mounted coffee grinder, coffee grinder. Note dents, wear and scratches.

Pocket Watches
Sold on MaxSold for $716

Pocket Watches'

W. Lancaster and co ltd pocket watch. Cover is not attached. Pocket watch with markings 56 0585 14k 747 com. Both untested. Note wear.

Waterford Crystal
Sold on MaxSold for $246

Waterford Crystal'

Waterford crystal glasses. 18 in set.

Garden Equipment
Sold on MaxSold for $210

Garden Equipment'

Wheelbarrow, ladder, plastic lawn chairs, cast iron chair and bench. Stored outside.rusted and peeling white paint and more. NOTE Wagon Wheel is NOT included.


Teak Wall Unit
Sold on MaxSold for $1410

Teak Wall Unit'

width 30.5, depth 14.75, height 78, 6 shelves, 2 sections with drawers, 1 with doors Note some scratches, one shelf chipped at back


Sterling Flatware
Sold on MaxSold for $1500

Sterling Flatware'

William and Mary Lunt Sterling service in case. Missing only 1 iced tea spoon. 12 place settings, salad set, pickle fork, cold meat fork, serving spoons, demitasse spoons, 11 iced tea spoons, teaspoons, butter spreader and knife, soup spoon, gravy ladle, pie/cake, sugar spoon.

Sold on MaxSold for $560


Wood buffet possibly bird's eye maple with 6 drawers and 2 cupboards with shelves. 70X18X43. Worm holes, water mark, scratch on door and chips on finish. Purchased at St. Jacob's, Ontario. Matches Lot 173.

Statue A
Sold on MaxSold for $246

Statue A'

Wood carved statue 11X43 with heavy marble base. Repairs, crack.

Tiki Bar
Sold on MaxSold for $544

Tiki Bar'

Wood Tiki bar 82X38X43.5.

Wool Rug
Sold on MaxSold for $780

Wool Rug'

Wool rug measures 76X120. Bring help.

Slot Machine
Sold on MaxSold for $315

Slot Machine'

Yamasa King Pulsar complete with tokens and keys. 18.5X16X32. Seller states working.

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