Best Gift you Ever Received

We polled the MaxSold community to find out what was the best gift they had ever received. Overwhelmingly they responded with spending time with friends and family. Connie responded with, “Laughter! Good heartfelt shared Laughter. This is a gift I've received many times over the years and I love it every time I'm given it”

This shows that the most memorable gifts are not about the most expensive, flashy new toy or tech, but ones that pull on your heartstrings and remind you of the people you love in your life.

Best Gift Ever Recieved

Here are our Top 5 tips from our MaxSold Online Auctions community

Tip 1: Give from the Heart

We’re sometimes so taken by the shopping madness of the season that we forget all about personalized non-material gifts. Karen’s daughter-in-law secretly contacted all of the important people in her life, going all the way back to childhood, and put together a book with photos and memories and wishes they provided. “Reading it for the first time felt like being "Queen for a Day" (referring to an old TV show). Two years after that special birthday, she still feels incredibly blessed every time she looks through that book. Best gift ever!”

Tip 2: Family Heirlooms show that you care

A piece of jewelry becomes a memorable treasure when that jewelry worn over the years is passed on (especially when from grandparents). For Dina’s sweet 16 birthday party, her grandmother passed down a cherished ring, which continues to be her favorite! Nancy said “My mother gave me a gold pendant and she let me help pick it out I still love it after 40 years. Some things just make you happy forever.”

Tip 3: Handmade is better than Store Bought

Nothing can replace the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you receive a gift that was made by someone you care about. Erin says that the apron her mom made out of my grandfather's neck ties continues to remain the most memorable gift she has ever received.

Tip 4: A Toy the Kids will Cherish Forever (sometimes for decades)

If you have children in the family, it’s fun to see little eyes that light up when kids get to hold a toy they will love and keep for years to come. April remembers walking down the stairs one morning as a child and there being a stuffed bear under the tree. Her sister was adamant that it was for her but when they got to it the tag said it was for April. “That bear went everywhere with me.... even to university. More than 30 years later I still have it.” Bri said “When the Tickle Me Elmo came out I was 13. My parents told me I was too old to ask for a toy like that. But I wanted that thing sooo bad. I got it for Christmas, and later found out my dad stood in line for like 6 hours to get it for me.”

Tip 5: Babies are blessings

Is there really anything better than a baby at Christmas? Knowing there will be a new family member to celebrate with in the next year is priceless. Three years ago Jennifer found out that her eldest daughter was pregnant with a little girl. Finding out a week before Christmas made it the most amazing gift - that has continued to give. Her granddaughter is now two and a half years old and has been the greatest blessing for her family.

Tip 6: Give the Gift of Music

Sometimes, a musical instrument becomes a cherished companion. Last year Rebecca’s boyfriend got her a guitar. “I know it may not sound THAT special, but there's a backstory.” she says. You see, she had a BEAUTIFUL guitar that was passed down to her from her mother. That guitar was stolen a few years earlier and she was devastated. Rebecca talked about that guitar and how much she missed it almost daily. So last year on Christmas morning, she woke up and unwrapped a brand new fender guitar. Her boyfriend said "I know you really just want your mom's guitar back, but this was the best I could do" she was already in tears and has said that she will never, ever forget that.

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