Best Gift You Ever Gave

There were many surprises when we polled the MaxSold community for the best gift they ever gave. Robin said the best gift she had ever given was a kidney to her daughter, but it doesn't have to be that extreme to make this list.

Best Gift Infographics

Here are our Top 6 tips from our MaxSold Online Auctions community

Tip 1: Give Personalized Gifts that Bring Back Memories

A whopping 45% of memorable gifts given were personalized, unique gifts - so don't just head down to the local mall to pickup that gift. Frances gave a 1930 Marconi radio he got from MaxSold Online Auctions for his 92 year old mother which brought back good memories. Bob gave his brother a vintage game they played as kid (Battling Tops). Also popular in this category are converting photos into a DVD (like Barbara did taking a 8mm film from 57 years ago!) or a simple photo album (like Jennifer did - going through all old family photos to select the best ones for her mom)

Tip 2: Give Gifts that Show that you Care

Rosa took this tip to the extreme and paid the last mortgage payment for her parents' house! Deborah took things a little less lighter (still showing that she cared) and sewed reflective fabric on all her mother’s clothes so she could walk after dark!

Tip 3: Gift to Show that you Notice Things

See what everyday things your loved ones do to make their lives easier. Becky got a lint lifter for her mom as hers had a broken handle (she was using a screwdriver for the handle!) - and getting a lint lifter was the most excited she’s ever seen her mom!

Tip 4: Trips can be Fun to Gift

25% of the best gifts ever given were trips. Trips to a sporting game or plays are fun. On the more expensive side, weekend getaways and beach vacations were popular choices. If you like surprises, maybe surprise someone? Peter impulsively bought a last-minute airline ticket for half-way across the country to surprise someone, and Kim surprised her grandparents by flying out to Missouri to see them at Christmas and seeing the surprise on their faces.

Tip 5: Totally Stuck for a Gift? Resort to giving your time!

Darcy gave her time to her mom to help prepare her house for the holiday season, and Lidia gave a "gift certificate" to be used, whenever, for a day doing whatever her family wanted her for!

Tip 6: Don’t forget the Charity... and it doesn't have to be cash

Susan, a receptionist at a Senior Citizen home, sent each of the 300 residents a hand written card with a candy cane attached. Kathryn gave dozens of scarves for people on the street and Robert gave five homeless kids a meal. Many MaxSold buyers buy and give things all year long to local causes: Karen buys kitchen items from MaxSold to put together care packages for fire victims. Tekla buys from MaxSold to give to a Nepal refugee resettlement program and Alex buys furniture to assist parents fleeing from abusive homes... there are easy (but high impact) ways to help out a cause you care about, and this would make the 'Best Gift You Ever Gave' category

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