The Greatest Discovery in Over 20 Years of Buying and Selling

The Greatest Discovery in Buying and Selling

I have been buying and selling for over 20 years. Purchasing items for resale isn't easy. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort involved to negioitate with sellers on classified sites. Driving to flea markets and garage sales is just painful, and I haven't been a big fan of estate sales either - I find that items are already picked over, or priced ridiculously high.

There are some sites that offer shipping, but I don't like dealing with the expensive and unpredictable shipping charges.

I discovered MaxSold recently - it has never been this fast, professional and easy. Maxsold makes everything very easy. I am very excited to look each week to see the new auctions because I know that my purchases will be of great value and ease.

My first experience was in Easton, Massachusetts. I bid on and won 12 lots on the Maxsold site. I followed the easy instructions and went for pick up at the time stated in the auction. I pulled up to the address and first noticed the MaxSold sign was clearly visible. I was greeted and staff was very professional and friendly. I was immediately taken to my items and the entire process was explained to me.

After 15 minutes I had all of my items loaded into my car and was on my way home. I brought boxes and newspaper and it was actually fun to pick up my items. I brought them home and me and my mom went through them and enjoyed checking them and making them look nice. My first purchase was a very happy one.

My second time was at Lakeville, Massachusetts. I purchases 28 lots and was very excited. Again, the staff was very helpful and friendly. I was taken to my items and all went very well. I left with my car full and purchase many very nice items.

My most recent purchase was Cambridge, Massachusetts. This auction included nice high end items. The great thing about Maxsold is the variety. From antiques to high end to household items, they have it all. That purchase went very well and we are still sorting many of the items.

Therefore, all in all, I am very happy with Maxsold and i would encourage anyone out there to give them a try......very honest and professional.

Be sure to check their website at

- Robert, Boston MA

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