How to Win Items at Online Bidding Sites

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How To Win Items At Online Bidding Sites

A Cheat Sheet To Help You Win at Online Bidding Sites

There are a lot of underlining questions people have when it comes to online biddings sites. How does the auction format work? How can I maximize my chances of winning my bid without paying too much? The list goes on.

For first time bidders, it might seem strange that you have to put in a credit card to bid at some of these online bidding sites. However, what these websites are trying to do is verify that you’re a human with a legitimate credit card. They make sure that you’re willing to pay what you bid so the seller doesn’t lose out on making money on their items.

The Leading Online Auction Site

At MaxSold we operate to help both the buyers and the sellers with their needs. A lot of our sellers are unloading a home of contents and need everything cleared out by a certain date. Many buyers are looking for great deals on high-quality items or are collectors or store owners looking to stockpile. Whatever you’re looking for, MaxSold has the answers.

We make sure that items are clearly marked, described and photographed to give you the best information possible. Therefore. you can make the smartest decision when placing your bids. That way, it prevents you from winning a bid on something you think was in better shape compared to the original description. That is what sets MaxSold apart from other online bidding sites.

What is MaxSold?

MaxSold is a local online auction in USA and Canada with a chance to buy all things. They include early, vintage and unique, including art, sterling, tools, vehicles, outdoor and even modern items! Items from each online auction comes from a single household collected and cherished by the family over several decades. Essentially, those items need to be cleared due to a downsize, estate or relocation.

If you’re trying to find gently used household items, antiques, furniture, games, tools (and more), then MaxSold has everything you need. With over new 700 local auctions each month, you will surely find a monster deal on something you may not have expected. Check out these past auction highlights to see some of the awesome items we’ve sold.

How MaxSold Works?

Unlike traditional online bidding sites, MaxSold offers a clear, transparent, open line to the items you want to bid. Especially, it is an easy way to bid with a mobilized version of our site delivered to your finger tips through computer, smart phone or tablet. Everything on MaxSold starts at $1 and goes up from there. So you may get amazing items at local estate and downsizing auctions near you at fair and reasonable costs. 

All of our auctions run between 5 and 10 days and users can bid on items they like. Sometime, bidding can be extended by a few minutes to ensure the competition for items has ended. Once the auction is over and you’ve won your bid, your credit card will be charged. After that, you will receive an email with your invoice and a location to pick-up your item(s). All auctions are local and there is no delivery of items, so be aware of the location and the time of the pick-up date to retrieve your item(s).

3 Effective Online Bidding Strategies

Bid Sniping

Bid sniping involves placing a bid as late as possible within the auction closing time, typically within the last 5-10 minutes of the auction. The theory behind this strategy is that your bid will go unnoticed and competing bidders will not have a chance to up-bid you and you will win your item.

However, some online auction platform such as MaxSold has put into place a “Soft close” feature to ensure bidding is fair for all. It allows bidders know if they are outbid in the closing moment. They are given an extra 2 minutes to decide if they want to place a higher bid to win the item.

Max Bidding

We have a feature on our site called MaxBid. This feature is an automated tool that will allow you to place a maximum bid on your item(s).  If you are outbid by anyone at a lower cost than you maximum bid, our system will automatically bid for you. So the person trying to outbid you knows that they weren’t successful with their bid. In that case, they either need to try again to outbid you, or give up and move on to another item.

Low-Ball Bidding

Given that all of our auctions start at just $1, you’re bound to find a good deal near you. One strategy a lot of folks like to take is to low ball a lot of different items in an auction with hopes of snagging a good deal. This strategy can work if you’re willing to take home a lot of items to either fill a shop or a collection. However, it is not advised for first time bidders who just get their feet wet. Generally, if you win a bid, the item is yours and your credit card will be charged.

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