Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in MaxSold. We have a few guideliness for using our brand resources. Please take a moment to review them.

Our Name

"MaxSold" is spelled as one word with a capital "M" and capital "S". Plain and simple.

MaxSold Logos and Usage

We've put together some assets to help you with your news and promotional needs.

Do these awesome things

  • Use the MaxSold logo in a blog post or news article about us
  • Use the logo as a website link
  • Use the logo to advertise your auction
  • Use the right logo for the background

Please don't do these things

  • Use the logo for non-MaxSold sales, auctions or events
  • Create a modified version of the MaxSold logo
  • Integrate the MaxSold logo into yours
  • Use the logo on a busy background
  • Change the colour, dimensions, or add your own text

MaxSold Photo Gallery



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