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MaxSold’s purpose is to Sell, Everything, Simply. This purpose encompasses our value proposition and enables us to set sellers up for success. Did you know that when our sellers decide to hold back higher interest items they need to sell from MaxSold, they unknowingly negatively impact their auction results?

Why are high-interest items important? Think of an event you have purchased tickets for- there is often a “star” that is featured, and the better the star, the more people will come see the show! Since the vast majority of the items we sell are typical household goods, often modest in nature, any high-interest items that are included will attract far more attention to the auction as a whole. This attention drives a more successful result for all the goods, both high interest and modest alike.

Vehicles, riding lawn mowers, sterling silver, etc. are all items that will generate significant dollars regardless of how they are sold. However, in a MaxSold event, these items will have significant compounding impacts. Even though bidders are drawn in by that extra special item, they stay and bid on the rest, increasing the value for all items, even the modest ones.

Here are some examples and explanations for why our sellers should just sell everything simply:

3 MaxSold auctions of similar location and lot count conducted within 6 months of each other.

Auction 1: 184 bidders. The car had 19 bidders and created a $60/lot avg for all the other items.

            Sold for $21,900

Auction 2: 139 bidders. The patio had 11 bidders. ~$25/lot average.

          Sold for $230

Auction 3: 126 bidders, BBQ had 6 bidders. ~$25/lot average.

          Sold for $305  

There were 45+ more bidders in Auction 1 and the data suggests an impact ~$35/lot or ~$2,800 ($35x80). The car brought the appraised value and was sold at a lower commission.

If the seller is considering other channels of sale for the more interesting items, please remember that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and feel free to contact your MaxSold account manager or call 888-672-3677 ext 2. We want the opportunity to explain that the sellers aren’t just affecting the fate of those items, but they are also lowering the potential of all items and thus their entire sale. Ultimately, if the items need to be sold, they are best sold all at once. The less touches the sellers need to go through on each item, the less stress and burden it is for the entire downsizing process. After all, it is MaxSold’s mission to sell everything simply.


In this video, Barry talks about a seller asking about using MaxSold vs. private sale for a forklift.

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