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Charity and Fundraising Auctions

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Recent testimonial from Justin Chenier who regularly hires MaxSold for his fundraising/charity auctions...

Several charities and fundraising groups hire MaxSold on a regular basis... it's easy to see why!

Charity and Fundraising Auctions

We make it hassle-free to raise money for your cause!

Bibles for Mission
PROKids Fundraising $17,000 Kingston Ontario
Charity auction through MaxSold raises $17,223, a whopping 861% more than estimate. Listen to radio interview leading up to the online auction here.
Over $7300.00!!! I am ecstatic! Needless to say Bibles for Missions is 1000% on board with this and I suspect you will see the other stores across Canada come on board very soon.

- Mike McDowell, Bowmanville, Bibles for Mission

We are so pleased with your service and our arrangement with MaxSold that we are wanting to go all online for 2014 Auctions.

- Wanda Bergshoeff, Bell Media

It has been a pleasure for Joanne and I along with the Limestone Learning Foundation Crystal Ball to partner with MaxSold. You have a fabulous staff! Joanne and I were amazed by how well everything came together.

- Pamela Hart, Lime Stone Learning Foundation

MaxSold online auction raised $24,694 for the Limestone Learning Foundation
In partnership with the Tragically Hip, MaxSold auction raises $16,000+ for the Cancer Center
MaxSold boat auction raises $4000+ for the Community Foundation
Art aucton raises almost $4000 for Girl's Inc.
For Canadian Cancer Society, MaxSold auction raises $1400 through the "Pink in the Rink" event.
Fundraising auctions can be a big frustration for the non-profit world. Why? They take a lot of work and they can be quite expensive. On the flip side, they're a fun event for donors and can raise a significant amount of money. Let MaxSold take the frustration away- consider an online auction for your next fundraising event! MaxSold is your neighbourhood online auction company. We offer a simple, fun way to sell items online and raise money for your cause. Our service includes organization of live preview and pickup, and management of your event online. We'll even promote your auction to our thousands of regular followers. Here are 5 major reasons you should think about online auctions: Increased Bidding: Online auctions expand the bidding pool to a much broader audience. They break down the barriers of time and geography so you are no longer limited by the number of donors who can attend your event at a specific time and place. When you work with MaxSold, you'll benefit from the participation of our thousands of followers, in addition to your existing contact list, and drastically increase bidding and awareness for your cause. Additionally, you are tapping into a buyer network of dealers, collectors and resellers who regularly bid with MaxSold. Bigger Marketing Footprint: Data shows that online auctions perform best when they run for one week. This expands the marketing footprint of your auction from a few hours to a week. With MaxSold, your auction stays online for one week allowing donors to bid at any time, from anywhere. The highest price is achieved for every item. You introduce excitement and fun by sharing the auction with your followers. Attracts more Women: Focus groups reveal that women don't enjoy the competitive bidding environment of a live auction as much as men, and tend to be more comfortable browsing and bidding online. MaxSold's online format encourages donors who may be intimidated at a live event and is excellent way to draw in female donors. Improves Future Auctions: Online auctions are highly measurable and yield valuable post-auction information. MaxSold will provide you with a full report after your auction is over, so you'll know exactly how many bidders participated, the sale price of each item, and more. This information provides a map for the success of future auctions. Lower Overhead Costs: All that's required to host an online auction is photographs and descriptions of your items, and optionally, a venue to display the items for a live preview. Administrative costs and set-up time are very low compared to a live event. MaxSold will handle every other aspect of the auction for you so you can focus on promoting your event. When you hold your fundraising auction online, you leverage all the strengths of live auction and reduce cost and inefficiencies. To ensure that the most money possible goes to your organization, we offer a special non- profit rate- you'll get our services at 50% off the regular price. MaxSold could be the making of your next fundraising event.

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