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Core Values

Core values support our purpose and mission. The below detail spell out meanings behind each core value so it isn’t taken outside of the intention. Defining core values is only the start. It’s only good when it’s lived everyday - achieved by telling how to behave, and being meticulous about the details.

Core Value 1: Commitment to Customers


  • Do what’s best for the customer (without conflict of interest or putting company at risk)
  • Make reasonable arrangements for any interruption of agreed-upon commitments*
  • Respect the rights of others to hold values, attitudes, and opinions that differ from yours


  • Risk your mental, physical and family health in your commitment
  • Proceed without expectations setting assuming mutual understanding*
  • Use unclear language with customers/peers (no industry jargon/uncommon acronyms) * Use written contracts, internal service level agreements, performance score cards/targets, milestones and communicate, create alignment, clarify, and continue to communicate.

Core Value 2: Accountability for Results


  • Partner with peers and departments to achieve results and to maximize company objectives (vs. only individual or departmental objectives)
  • Take reasonable steps to make everyone aware of progress towards milestones set
  • Take ownership for results through the influence of your skills and actions


  • Blame external factors for outcomes, abdicate responsibility
  • Ignore documenting your work (so others can learn and build upon it)
  • Skip company onboarding and training programs; thoroughly master them

Core Value 3: Resourceful in Achieving our Mission


  • Seek continuous improvements alongside massive leaps
  • Listen, ask questions, seek out mentors and academic/industry research to improve
  • Take risks, make sophisticated mistakes


  • Take trivial risks and repeat mistakes, waste money and time unnecessarily
  • Engage in illegal activities (including, not limited to copyright, intellectual property rights)
  • Lay claim to a level of competence not processed (i.e. learn best practices, technologies, practices and standards as relevant to the position you hold)

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