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MaxSold believes the contents shouldn't cause you or your clients stress when clearing excess business inventory or dealing with an estate sale. We believe that sellers deserve transparency and ease of use. MaxSold is on a mission to relieve this stress by delivering a reliable, efficient, safe, and a transparent sale process. We bring a solution to sell a collection of items through MaxSold Online Auctions platform. The execution of the sale of your items, from contract to complete will run exactly as promised thanks to proven marketing strategy, technology, and operational systems.

We have two types of services - MaxSold Managed Auction and Seller Managed Auction.

MaxSold Managed Auction - implies client to set up the items for the auction. The MaxSold team would then come in to complete all the cataloging, photography and would manage the pick-up day at the end of the auction. 

Seller Managed Auction - in this case, a seller is responsible for the cataloging, photography, and pick-up. MaxSold's Seller App is easy to use on mobile phone or tablet.

In both cases, MaxSold provides marketing support, deals with potential buyers and handles the collection of payments. With our process, 98% of everything listed sells within 2 weeks. No haggling with individual buyers, no dealing with money at the door. We are as transparent as possible, giving a detailed report of every item and what it sold for. You will receive your payment within 14 business days of the auction closing.

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