Estate Sale and Downsizing Sale Highlights: December 2016 at MaxSold

December was a very busy time for all of us at MaxSold with over 160 auctions!

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Now to the December 2016 MaxSold Online Auction Highlights...

Sold on MaxSold for $330


Lladro porcelain figurine: The Voyage of Columbus, includes COA. Serial number: 05847.

Vintage Mahjong Set
Sold on MaxSold for $301

Vintage Mahjong Set'

Mahjong set with box that holds the tiles. Drawers pull out for tile storage. Not checked for completeness.

National Brass Cash Register
Sold on MaxSold for $320

National Brass Cash Register'

National brass cash register. Bell rings when price buttons are pushed. Cash drawer sticks but opens. untested. 13.5X1513.5X15X17

Cabinets And Counters
Sold on MaxSold for $2350

Cabinets And Counters B'

One section of cabinets 122X74. Upper cabinets 37X12X36, 45X12X36 and 10.5X12X36. Counter is L shaped. One piece is 92". Second piece 70". Lower cabinets are approximate the same measure. Lower cabinets minus 22" for dishwasher. Island 99X48. Built-in warming tray. Note scratches and damage to finish. Come pickup at Category B time-slot.

Vintage Barbie
Sold on MaxSold for $385

Vintage Barbie'

Barbie doll cases. Vintage dolls. Only one Barbie and One Skipper doll. Doll clothes.

Original Oil on Board
Sold on MaxSold for $1170

 L426 - F3'

Nicholas Hornyansky, original Oil on Board from Collection of Mrs. N. Hornyansky Exhibited O.S.A. 1964 12 x 16

Chinese Flask Vase
Sold on MaxSold for $390

Chinese Flask Vase'

Chinese Flask Vase, 11" in height.

Denon Components
Sold on MaxSold for $710

Denon Components'

Turntable and tuner and receiver and 5 disc Cd system. All working.

Lighter Collection
Sold on MaxSold for $160

Lighter Collection B'

Lighter Collection, large variety of lighters, all untested.

Jade Jewelry Set
Sold on MaxSold for $660

Jade Jewelry Set'

14k Gold And Jade necklace set. Includes necklace, bracelet and earrings. Marked and tested.

License plates
Sold on MaxSold for $130

License plates'

30 license plates (1950s, 1960s and 70s).

Native Art
Sold on MaxSold for $1300

Native Art'

30x24. Josh Kakegamic paintings

Antique Trunk
Sold on MaxSold for $227

Antique Trunk'

32X16X18 Old trunk, note wear and musty inside. One handle broken.

Inuit Carving By Jobie Ohaituk
Sold on MaxSold for $2360

Inuit Carving By Jobie Ohaituk'

7x4x4. Signed. See documents

Aviators Delight
Sold on MaxSold for $140

Aviators Delight'

A limited edition Sopwith pup precision model 1:32 scale still in box, a p38 lightning model on stand 1:40 scale, a World War Two U.S. third army die cast soldiers German soldiers set. And more.

Hockey Cards
Sold on MaxSold for $160

Hockey Cards'

Approx. 600 hockey cards

Sold on MaxSold for $141


Assorted brooches

Belladonna Mia Collection
Sold on MaxSold for $310

Belladonna Mia Collection'

Belladonna Mia collection, necklaces and bracelets approximately 80 pieces,


2005 Stump Grinder
Sold on MaxSold for $940

2005 Stump Grinder'

Blue Bird Model 968999684 Honda Motor Model GX390 Working Condition Extra Teeth Included


Brass Swan Candelabra
Sold on MaxSold for $220

Brass Swan Candelabra'

Candelabra made of brass, has 3 swans surrounding the glass , and the bottom made of marble sold as is

Costume Jewellery
Sold on MaxSold for $288

Costume Jewellery'

Cloisonne Memorial locket with picture and hair inside, heart locket, 5 men's tie tacks, rosary, catholic medallion, rings, cross pendant, glass beaded necklaces, bracelets, various pendants, small jewelry boxes, lapis earrings, gold tone dolphins and chain and more.

Enhanced Vision Magnifier
Sold on MaxSold for $325

Enhanced Vision Magnifier'

Enhanced vision model MRVE22A, for the visually impaired, with an adjustable base and the monitor has an adjustable arm. Ergo-Lux 20D-120mm made by Schweitzer, magnifying glasses, Enhanced Vision Amigo model AMG-A and more. Note damage to a magnifying glasses, scratches on some items.

Chinese Ceramics
Sold on MaxSold for $810

Chinese Ceramics'

Five pieces of Chinese ceramics in varying heights from 6.5 - 9.5".


Pinwheel Czech Bohemia Crystal Lot
Sold on MaxSold for $145

Pinwheel Czech Bohemia Crystal Lot A'

Forty pieces of Pinwheel Czech Bohemia Crystal. Set for eight. Missing 1 red wine glass. Includes decanter. (Red, white, water, champagne and liqueur glasses) No cracking or chipping.


Le Crueset
Sold on MaxSold for $165

Le Crueset'

Four pieces, three with lids

Gas/Electric Combo Stove
Sold on MaxSold for $310

Gas/Electric Combo Stove A'

Gas cooktop with electric oven. LG Profile. Oven appears to be in working condition.

Greenhouse and Contents
Sold on MaxSold for $340

Greenhouse and Contents'

Greenhouse door has been repaired garbage cans garden supplies 80 inches tall 6 feet wide, full of gardening supplies. Garbage can is half full of potting soil.

Grundig SW ++ World Receiver
Sold on MaxSold for $160

Grundig SW ++ World Receiver'

Grundig 800 Shortwave World Receiver. Working with Instruction Booklet and upgraded Power Supply. Was $500 new.

Coffee Table
Sold on MaxSold for $690

Coffee Table'

Hardwood table, comes with glass top, ends fold for transport, 42"x43"x14

Industrial Steampunk 72 Bin Storage
Sold on MaxSold for $439

Industrial Steampunk 72 Bin Storage'

Heavy duty steel. 1930 -40 vintage. Some bins have dividers. Cabinet is. 36 x 75 x 18 deep. Matches Lot 55. heavy

Holiday Lot
Sold on MaxSold for $155

Holiday Lot'

Holiday cards, vintage Christmas ornaments, Christmas ornaments, ceramic trees, wreath, floodlights, tree top, new note book, and more. Note damage and wear.

Bronze Figurine
Sold on MaxSold for $496

Bronze Figurine A'

Huntress With Dogs. Stamped Lorenzl. On marbles base. 7.5X9.

5 Needle Point Pieces
Sold on MaxSold for $360

5 Needle Point Pieces B'

Includes 5 vintage hand stitched pieces, from 25X12 to 19X20.

Civil War Era Collectibles
Sold on MaxSold for $398

Civil War Era Collectibles'

Includes Civil War cannonball, 4in diameter, older powder horns, walking stick from Civil War era, bellows and more. No COA's. NOTE: Glass Coffee Table not included.

Dapol petroleum Indian sign.
Sold on MaxSold for $245

Dapol petroleum Indian sign.'

Item measures 13-1/2' tall and 9-1/2' wide. This sign is hand painted enamel on steel. Item is in nice shape.

FireKing Jadeite
Sold on MaxSold for $150

FireKing Jadeite'

Jadeite FireKing mixing bowls.

Antique Buckboard Wagon
Sold on MaxSold for $500

Antique Buckboard Wagon. A'

Jim Lewis Agri-Nutrition (1984) Inc. wagon, used for advertising. Has been restored. Agri-Nutrition had a business relationship with Olympic rider Ian Millar and Big Ben (provenance to the Perth area) per seller. All parts included for use - all you need is a horse or two.

Leclerc Loom with Bench
Sold on MaxSold for $345

Leclerc Loom with Bench'

Leclerc Loom with matching bench.

Sold on MaxSold for $700


McIntosh CII receiver, Note: working condition unknown.

Sold on MaxSold for $430

Dishwasher A'

Miele. Futura Classic. Not tested. Note wear.

Finished Bracelets
Sold on MaxSold for $653

Finished Bracelets'

Over hundred finished bracelets, solid brass and other metals , made with Swarovski Crystals and other stones , over five hundred dollars in value.

Antique Camera Collection
Sold on MaxSold for $146

Antique Camera Collection'

Polaroid camera and pack of film. Rolleiflex twin lens camera in leather case. 2 Antique Kodak cameras, one with leather case and negative plates. Atlas-rand Mark IV camera with leather case. Box of old camera accessories. All untested.

Sterling Flatware
Sold on MaxSold for $1260

Sterling Flatware'

Reed and Barton Tara pattern, carving knife and fork, 4 cheese knives, butter knife, 2 shrimp forks, scalloped spoon and scraper, 10 salad and 10 dinner forks, 8 tbps, 10tsp, 6 desert spoons, and 11 dinner knives. Three Gorham Chantilly tsp, 2 Wallace tsp and dinner knife.

Sold on MaxSold for $160


Sennheiser HD 650 over ear headphones untested.

Sold on MaxSold for $260


Seventeen audio tubes as follows: four Antique Soundlabs 6L6, five Gold Lion KT66, three 0602, one 514, two CV492, one Golden Dragon E8200-01, one 5R-GY.

Australian Chrysoprase Ring With Rhinestones 925 Silver stamp
Sold on MaxSold for $860

Australian Chrysoprase Ring With Rhinestones 925 Silver stamp'

Signed 925 about a size eight or nine. Measures 1 1/4 " not any missing stones. Estate found so it needs a cleaning.

Watches Men's Collectors
Sold on MaxSold for $709

Watches Men'

Silver coloured Tissot Visodate. 10k gold filled leCoutre Bezel. Stainless steel Speidel with blue faced bezel. Gold coloured Towers watch. Untested.

Popeye The Sailor Man And Olive Oyl Shelf
Sold on MaxSold for $251

Popeye The Sailor Man And Olive Oyl Shelf'

Spinach can decor featuring Popeye and Olive Oyl. Some wear to head of Olive Oyl.

Teak Cabinet
Sold on MaxSold for $720

Teak Cabinet'

Teak side cabinet with 4- 3 1/2" drawers and 2 sliding doors with shelves. Slight water damage on top. 90"x16.5"x30"

Bar Trolley
Sold on MaxSold for $561

Bar Trolley'

Teak with brass accents.

Mid Century Teak Wood Dresser
Sold on MaxSold for $565

Mid Century Teak Wood Dresser'

Teak, 8 drawer bedroom dresser. Owner states is teak by E. W. Bach. Matches lots #215 and #216. 66X18.5X30

Mid Century Sika Mobler Tray Table And 2 Chairs
Sold on MaxSold for $606

Mid Century Sika Mobler Tray Table And 2 Chairs'

The two round surfaces of this table are removable so to be used as large serving trays made in Denmark by Sika Mobler. 20.5X21 The two side chairs have brown leather seats. 18X20X35 All 3 pieces in excellent condition.

Vintage Akai GX 4000D Reel To Reel Tape Recorder
Sold on MaxSold for $151

Vintage Akai GX 4000D Reel To Reel Tape Recorder'

This is a vintage Akai GX 4000D reel to reel tape recorder. It does power up and the reels do turn but we have no way of testing it further. Condition is good some cosmetic wear to the tape deck. We have also included two tapes, one is still factory sealed.

Pewter Eagle Sculpture On Granite Base
Sold on MaxSold for $160

Pewter Eagle Sculpture On Granite Base'

This pewter eagle with granite base weighs 9 pounds. A one of a kind "Ken Killen original". Good condition.

Jun Ware
Sold on MaxSold for $610

Jun Ware'

Three pieces of Jun Ware, Chinese ceramics. Tallest piece 7" in height.

Vintage Schwinn Cruiser Bike
Sold on MaxSold for $166

Vintage Schwinn Cruiser Bike'

Vintage 1950 Schwinn cruiser bike. Untested. Come to pickup in Category B time slot.

Vintage Barbie Case with Vintage Dolls and Clothes
Sold on MaxSold for $155

Vintage Barbie Case with Vintage Dolls and Clothes'

Vintage Barbie Case from 1964 with vintage dolls (not barbie) and clothes for barbie dolls. The case has a latch that is broken, and some spray paint on it. Some of the clothes are Mattel, some appear handmade. As is.

Marble Top Sideboard
Sold on MaxSold for $898

Marble Top Sideboard'

Marble topped wood side board with ornate details and two shelves inside 40X16.5X41.

Exercise Bicycle B
Sold on MaxSold for $350

Exercise Bicycle B'

V-Series exercise bicycle. Measures 19X39X45. In working condition according to owner. Bring help.

Sold on MaxSold for $1150


Win Laboratories SDC-10 turntable in acrylic case, separate arm. Item is incomplete and in pieces. Note: acrylic lid is cracked.

Sold on MaxSold for $239


Window 27X59.

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