Dreaming about having wine cellar in your home? We have some tips!

Smart Hacks To Build The Perfect Wine Cellar In Your Home

Wine consumption is at an all-time high in the United States, and last year, a study revealed that there are 84 million wine drinkers in the country. These individuals were grouped into six consumer segments, and 10 percent were found to be Engaged Explorers, which means that they frequently buy high-priced wine from different countries and regions, while 17 percent have been classified as Contented Treaters, an affluent group that goes for a wide variety of wines. If you’re a wine drinker and you identify with either of these two groups, you may be thinking of building a wine cellar in your home to house your precious collection. Apart from having a place to store your wine, a cellar can also become an elegant refuge where you can relax and savor your favorite alcoholic beverage. From creating the perfect storage conditions to decorating with the right wine glasses, here’s how to build a wine cellar in your home.

Pick a cool spot

Wines should be stored in a cool spot, and most experts recommend keeping your collection in a room that has a temperature of about 55⁰F. If you have a basement, then that could be the perfect place to build your wine cellar. Make sure to clean it out well and to treat it for mold if there are any signs of mildew. Next, if you have basic cement walls and floors, think about having brick walls or wooden panels and tile or marble floors. This will elevate the look of your wine cellar and help to keep your space at the ideal temperature. 

Install the wine racks

The way you store your wine will make a difference - if you just place your wine bottles upright on a shelf, it can result in dried out corks, so store bottles on their side so the liquid is in contact with the cork to keep your wine in good condition. You can find wine racks, coolers, rolling carts and more using MaxSold. If you are concerned about curious people getting into your collection, you can invest in a wire mesh and metal wine locker that comes with a lock and key. This way, you still get to see your collection, but also be assured that your wine bottles are secure. Once your racks are in place, arrange your wine bottles. You can arrange them by date, variety, or by the meals that you pair with wine. For instance, if you love comfort food like roast lamb or risotto and you eat foods like these on a regular basis, then your red wine should always be within reach, and if you seldom eat fish, then your white wine collection should be placed on the higher racks.   

Decorate and accessorize

Decorating and accessorizing your wine cellar in a tasteful way will make the space a relaxing haven for you. It can also be the ideal entertainment nook, depending on how you want to use the room. Have a theme in mind, and keep the theme going all throughout the wine cellar. For instance, if you’re going for a modern and airy feel, then soft couches or chairs in light grays or bright whites paired with cushions in fall colors is what you need. Make sure to install some lighting fixtures to brighten the place up, and add some gadgets and tech if you want - a wine fridge ensures that you always have cold wine on hand ready for consumption, while a Smart TV on the wall allows you to Netflix and chill with your favorite vintage. Display modern glassware and unique wine glasses all throughout the cellar, and don’t be afraid to add interesting knick knacks to give your space a touch of your personality. 

Having a wine cellar in your home allows you to have a space where you can enjoy your wine in solitude or in the company of family and friends. FInd the equipment you need and the decor you want through MaxSold auction and try these tips to create a special space which you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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