Meet Erin, a MaxSold Buyer for 3+ Years

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In this video we interview Erin Marie Wallace, a long time MaxSold bidder.

Erin is a licensed auctioneer, certified appraiser and a senior auction specialist with Oakridge Auction Gallery, a full service auction house in Ashburn, Virginia.

Personally Erin has been purchasing from MaxSold for about three years. Everywhere from Florida to Maryland. Erin found MaxSold while she was living in Florida and was really excited when she discovered MaxSold there.

"You never know what you're going to see. You never know exactly who's going to be listing. So it's something you have to follow pretty frequently, but that's half of the excitement of it. So if you're somebody who likes the thrill of the hunt, MaxSold is perfect. Because it's a thrill of discovery. It's kind of like an Easter egg. You don't know what you're going to find until you're on the website itself."

"So when I moved from Florida to Virginia it was really natural for me to log in to my MaxSold account and see what was going on up in Virginia and Maryland and DC. And the wealth of MaxSold auctions in those locations are really deep and they're so much fun. For me it's the excitement and the thrill of the discovery of it. So for being somebody who's really embedded in the auction culture, not knowing what you're going to find is half of the fun of it. It's the thrill of the hunt. It's also being able to look at a description or a photograph and try to figure out what it is. Which I don't know if you think is a strength but I think it's really cool. I love the idea that there is a bit of what am I looking at and how do I research it to be able to tell what it is. So it actually works really well if you like to take a little bit of a controlled risk, not a full gamble. What I do like about MaxSold is I know everything is really described to the best of the ability of the people that are on site. The photographs are done as well as they can possibly can be done."

"One of the things on another end that I really like as a company is that MaxSold has a high degree of ethics. So I know that when I'm working with them I am getting exactly what I see. There is no variance on that. It really is a what you see is what you get, so you can feel really comfortable when you're bidding that that is exactly what you're going to pick up."

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