Father's Day - Best And Worst Gifts Ever

Father's Day Card

Find out what MaxSold bidders have given their dads.

We polled some of our MaxSold bidders about BEST and WORST Father's Day gifts. We'll start with the worst... so that you don't even think about it!

Worst Father's Day Gifts

Ties (a lot of our bidders said these were the worst gifts, so avoid that at all cost!)
Tree clipper
Toilet scrubbe
A keyholder
Flip flops
6-pack of beer
10 pack of Car wash passes
After Shave

Best Father's Day Gifts

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Quotes: Best Gifts Given...

"The best gift I have ever given was an espresso maker. My husband was both shocked and thrilled when he opened his gift. He is a huge lover of coffee and only drank espresso when we visited Europe." -AnnMarie

"Hearing my kids saying, 'Happy Fathers Day Dad!" -Bruce
"Original, limited edition prints of naval ships my father helped design during World War!" -Susan

Quotes: Worst Gifts Given...

"We got our dad a Blu-Ray DVD player... only later realizing he still had an old TV and thus the set-up was a lot more complicated than anticipated." -Pauline

"The worst gift I have ever given was art. My husband has ZERO appreciation for art and said 'I hope you didn't pay too much for that'" -AnnMarie

"I have never gotten a bad gift on Father's Day. No matter what the gift it came from my children." -Bruce

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