Untouched Ford TT to Treasures Discovered After Decades for MaxSold Auction

Items recently discovered at Millis, 19 miles from Boston include a 1920's Ford Model TT, early 1930s logging truck to a Fordson Tractor.

Millis Estate Sale MaxSold Home

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Here's a bit of background on the project:

The family moved to this home in 1974 (with a three level 5500 square foot barn!). The family was part of Socony (southern oil company of New York, not sneakers) which became Mobil Oil. The matriarch had a rather high regional position within Mobil until he retired. After retirement he got into maintaining cars privately, doing tune ups for neighbors and the like. Also having industry connections a parts dealer for high turn over, maintenance products, oil filters, oil filters etc.

Millis Estate Sale MaxSold Millis Estate Sale MaxSold

So it would seem, the family had a soft spot for the Triumph car. And an eye for Ford Model A and Model T. Both icons being easy to work on, lite weight, fast and in the case of the model T logging truck from 1931 that originated out of New Hampshire (number plate included), Strong for its day! Oh and cool, let's not forget cool!

As the heirs are much older now and are all settled in their lives, these memories and icons of yore sat alone, but attached to fond memories, out side. Unattended. As father aged, so did the cars, the ability to pay much mind to these poor relics became less and less important or a priority. Til this day when we look at these cars with sad eyes and think of the memories one may have had in the past, or what could have been.

Millis Estate Sale MaxSold Tractor Millis Estate Sale MaxSold

As we collect things and fill our spaces, be they vast or small, we have things that remain but go untouched after a new shiney thing is discovered to take it place. These cars became just that. Formerly well loved and maintained, prehaps learning tools for shade tree mechanics. Projects for father and son.

Millis Estate Sale MaxSold Car

As the family grew up, the cars remained, safe under fathers watchful eye. As time went by, and father grew old, but attached, the cars remained. Sitting there, still loved, wrapped in memories, attached. But no longer the focus, now part of a collection.

These cars along with 100s of antique and barn architectural and vintage pieces are being painstakingly uncovered and organized for sale by Jason Suderman’s company Lifecycle Senior Services LLC, a company that provides estate liquidation and property management for elders aging in place.

A collection like this typically goes through a traditional live auction or estate sale. However with fewer people attending live auctions and estate sales, Mr. Suderman is employing a solution that combines technology with expert help through MaxSold.

MaxSold works in partnership with Lifecycle Senior Services LLC and similar companies across the United States and Canada to sell decades of accumulations through an online platform that delivers a streamlined process, social media marketing and expert help to sell everything in under two weeks.

"We were created to solve the daunting challenge of selling everything safely, reliably and efficiently." said MaxSold founder Barry Gordon. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to tackle this vast project."

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