Furnishing of the Week - Plaid Sofa

What Does Your Taste In Furniture Say About You?

Plaid Sofa

Every week, Maxsold will be posting a picture of a special piece of furniture such as this Plaid Sofa. This piece has appeared in one of our past auctions. Does this match your personal style? Is this your personality?

Plaid Sofa
Plaid Sofa, Quarter panel wood sides and back. 90X25x34.

If you like this style you are someone who enjoys a quiet space. You don't need any bells or whistles, you have what you need and what you absolutely love. You would always rather be outdoors surrounded by the sight and sounds of nature. You probably have, or at least are very fond of golden retrievers. If you don't already we suggest you take up wood whittling, playing the harmonica, or bird calls. 

Come back next week to see if another of our selected pieces says something about you!

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