Halloween 2015: Top 10 Creepiest Things sold on MaxSold Online Auctions

MaxSold has had some amazing media coverage lately - Elle Decor, Bank Rate, Atlanta Journal, Globe & Mail and many other outlets. Often in those media interviews, the first thing journalists ask is if we have come across any strange things. Boy... where do we start?!

We've been in a lot of abandoned bedrooms, dark basements and creaky attics in old century homes, so for this Halloween, we've pulled together a Top 10 list of some of the strangest things ever to be discovered at Estate Sales and Downsizing Sales!

10. Ventriloquist Dummies that may come alive in the Dark of night.

Creepiest Ventriloquist Dummies

Ventriloquist and comedian Edgar Bergen puppet and Charlie McCarand Mortimor Sneed.

9. Caskets...wha?!


Caskets were from the 2014 list, but we just had to bring this back in case you missed this.

8. Connect to the spirits with this Vintage Ouija Board.

Creepiest Vintage Ouija Board

Vintage Mystical Talking Ouija board. In original box. Complete and in excellent condition.

7. Poor Tormented Santa Clause


Bombay 2008 nutcracker

6. This painting that can look into your soul.


Painting called Mexican Baby

5. Donnie Darko’s could have dreamed about this Rabbit.

Rabbit Themed Marionette Puppet

Rabbit marionette puppet. Good shape. Seems complete. Measures 37" tall.

4. Mannequin That Wants to Snatch Your Clothes.


Full body mannequin on chrome stand.

3. Skulls of Some Unidentified Animal.


Two old animal skulls.

2. Vintage Mechanical Clown with Red Drum

Vintage Mechanical Clown with Red Drum

Almost life-size mechanical clown with drum, from a carnival.

And Now at Number ONE On Our Top 10 Creepiest Things Sold on MaxSold Online Auction is:

1. The possessed Doll: Baby Cakes.

Three Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Welden Museum of Fine Collectibles doll named Babycakes.

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