Chinese New Year! The Year the Goat! 恭喜發財!羊年行大運!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This year marks the year for Promise and Prosperity with the Year of the Goat.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year here are our Top 15 Asian Inspired Items that were sold on MaxSold - be sure to browse through these all the way to #1 on the list. 為了慶祝新的一年的到來,我們精選出過去拍賣的十五項中國精品,以倒數的方式,一一為您揭曉。

15. Chinese Vase on Stand 蝴蝶與花卉瓷器

Year of the Goat - Lot Image

Vase with floral theme and butterflies 19'' tall Sold for $270 Innisfil MaxSold Moving Online Auction.

14. Celebratory New Year Coin 18 karat (.750) gold for the Year of the Sheep 羊年十八K金金幣

Year of the Goat - Year of the Sheep

Sold for $400 in an Estate Sale MaxSold Online Auction (the Chinese Calendar Goes in a 12-Year Cycle)

13. Buddha Garden Statue 彌勒佛石像

Year of the Goat

Concrete garden sculpture sold for $320 in a Boston Area Estate Sale MaxSold Online Auction

12. Pair Of Painted Metal Chinese Style Horse Figures 一對鐵鑄馬

Year of the Goat

A pair of cloisonne metal antique style horse figures suggestive Chinese pottery design patterns approximately 35'' tall sold for $320 in Chappaqua, Westchester, New York  Downsizing MaxSold Online Auction

11. Jade Elephant 象雕玉器

Year of the Goat

Jade elephant 9" tall sold for $320 in a Toronto Estate Sale Maxsold Online Auction

10. Hong Kong Blessing Coin Set 香港「世澤名路」套幣

Year of the Goat

Five Silver coins showing traditional Chinese Blessings as well as a gold medallion sold for $340 in a Kingston MaxSold Online Auction

9. Chinese Scroll 中國水墨畫

Year of the Goat

Scroll in a Califon, New Jersey Moving MaxSold Online Auction sold for $350

8. Chinese double-sided brisé fan  中國畫折扇

Year of the Goat - Lot Image

Painted figures on blue ground, lower sticks and guards in red and gold lacquer.

An unusual piece in mint condition to help celebrate the New Year. Cased in glass and Lucite

 Sold for $350 in a MaxSold Kingston Ontario Online Auction.

7. Asian Collectibles 銅鑼和雕像

Year of the Goat

Copper Gong and Carved Items Sold for $400 in a Barrie MaxSold Downsizing Online Auction. 

6. Chinese Bracelet 鑲有紫水晶的古董手鍊

Year of the Goat

Antique Chinese Sterling Enamel Butterfly Amethyst Bracelet Sold for $430 in a Toronto Area MaxSold Antiques and Art auction. 

5. Original Pressed Copper art 銅雕藝術品

Lot Image

Haicla Eagle Chuut, Bill Reid Original Pressed copper Art Sold for $470 in Toronto Moving MaxSold Online Auction

4. Antique Chinese Agate Necklaces 瑪瑙項鍊

Year of the Goat

Necklace from Asia in 1930s Sold for $480 in a Hamilton Antiques and Art MaxSold Online Auction.

3. Ivory Carving sold for $710 象牙佛像

Pair of Asian ivory carvings on wood base Sold for $710 in a Toronto Estate Sale MaxSold Online Auction.

2. Asian Style Cupboard 中國壁櫥

Year of the Goat

Asian style cupboard which features a large metal pin on front of doors and unique large hinges sold for $225 in a Downsizing MaxSold Online Auction.

1. Dragon 銅製龍型雕朔

Year of the Goat

Topping our list is this dragon which Sold for $3,200 in this Toronto Downsizing MaxSold Online Auction!

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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