Increasing Quality of Life, and Saving Money for Seniors and their Caregivers

There has been a rise in number of companies providing at-home care to reduce the burden on the enormous and rising assisted living and nursing home costs. There's even a service called MDHomeCall where the doctor makes visits to homes instead of seniors making trips to busy Emergency Rooms. The MDHomeCall service saves tax payers hundreds of dollars per visit, and saves seniors and their caregivers considerable time and effort - possibly even saving lives! When seniors choose to stay at home, they need health aids such as motorized beds, wheel chair lifts, railway elevators and mobility scooters. These essential devices cost thousands of dollars, reflecting a huge burden on already stretched budgets of seniors and their caregivers trying to maintain independence at home. There are government subsidies available, but covering only up-to 75% (in certain jurisdictions) and are determined on a case by case basis requiring appointments, paperwork and long waits. Need a second unit to keep at a caregiver’s home or at your adult children’s home when you visit grandchildren, or when one needs repair? Subsidies don’t cover that. MaxSold finds new homes for practically everything from a downsizing sale and estate sale including electric beds, railway elevators, scooters, walkers and blood pressure monitors. For the thousands of buyers who’ve used our service to buy health aids from MaxSold, they help increase independence and maintain a comfortable quality of day-to-day living. For sellers who have used MaxSold, there is value to be recovered, and the guilt in sending it to a dump is alleviated.  Below are some of medical aids sold on MaxSold with examples of retail prices (before subsidies) and what they sold for on MaxSold.
  1. Motorized Hospital Bed with Side Rails

Retails brand NEW for $2,200 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any) Sold for $210

  1. Blood Pressure Monitors

Lumiscope Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors costs $300 new (unsure what the subsidy was, if any). Sold for $100.

  1. Wheel Chair Lift

Services Industrials Savaria Inc.. Retails New $6000 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any). Sold for $1000.

  1. MEDIChair Trent Victory 10 DX Scooter  

MEDIChair Trent Victory 10 DX Scooter . Pride Mobility - Retail Brand NEW $3995 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any). Sold for $700.

  1. Quantum 600 E Supercycle electric motorized wheelchair

Quantum 600 E Supercycle electric motorized wheelchair. Retails Brand NEW $2000 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any). Sold for $600.

  1. Electra Ride Stairway Elevator  

Brand NEW: $3000 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any) Sold for: $400

  1. Expresso Walker

Xpresso walker by Evolution Walkers (includes walking stick and shoehorns NEW for $430) (unsure what the subsidy was, if any) Sold for $190

3. Freestanding Trapeze Medical Device

Trapeze Device used to elevate appendage.

  1.  Medical Lot

Two walkers, portable seat, cane. Shower Bench. Sold for $22. 

  1. Mobility Scooter

Fortress Model 1700 DT. Retails NEW for $3000 (unsure what the subsidy was, if any). Sold for $490

Caregiver financial aids from government agencies and not-for-profit organizers do exist.  However it requires work to find them and time to get qualified. There are a number of products to make life easier for the seniors and caregivers, and the government programs gives you access to only a few of those. Next time you are in the need for a health aid product, take a look at MaxSold, use the search feature, and sign-up for eNewsletters.  If anyone requires a downsize or estate settlement, hire MaxSold for maximum value recovery - next to nothing ends up unsold with MaxSold.

Interested in government subsidies available for medical aids in US and in Canada? Contact MaxSold by clicking here and we'll get you a free resource report.

p.s. Included below are select articles and summaries related to health aids, age in place devices and industry trends... Summary: Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe More and more people over the age of 75 and older are choosing to remain in their homes. The desire to maintain independence is completely natural but it can also cause their children to worry for their parents’ safety and comfort. You can make your parents' home far safer and provide comfort by investing in devices specifically designed to provide solutions for your safety worries.  These innovative devices address some of the most common concerns facing caregivers today including worries about elderly parents:
  • burning themselves while cooking, or forgetting to turn the stove off and start a fire
  • forgetting to take their medications or mix up their prescriptions
  • letting the shower get too hot and get burnt
  • fall and not be able to get up
Summary: Aging in Place Gadgets Today there are a variety of medical alert systems available, covering a range of prices and styles, to help keep seniors safe. Medical alert systems that connect to a 24-hour emergency monitoring service are the most prevalent. The Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service, which costs $35 a month plus an additional $82 start-up fee, is one of the most popular choices. The transmitter can be worn as a pendant on a necklace or as a bracelet. A no-fee medical alert device that doesn't come with a professional monitoring service provides a great alternative for those looking for a lower priced option. These devices, similar to the 24-hour emergency monitoring service products, also come with a "SOS" button and a home base station that connects to a home phone line. The device will dial pre-programmed numbers one by one from the personal contact list until there is a connection. There are several mobile products available on the market that can be used outside of the home allowing seniors to call for help from anywhere. These devices have GPS tracking capabilities and fit into the palm of your hand. To call for help is easy- With a push of a button a trained operator will be online to provide assistance. The GPS technology allows the emergency monitoring service to know the exact location of the call saving critical time.
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