Innovative Way for Local MaxSold Online Downsizing and Estate Auction Pickups

MaxSold, the leading and fastest growing on-site Estate Sale company in North America, has just introduced two innovative ways for customers to get their purchases: Cranes and Drones.

MaxSold Crane Pickup

Customers can now bring their cranes to load out their purchases right out of balconies. "We have had pickup constraints in metros like Manhattan and downtown LA, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto with high rises." said Sushee Perumal, CEO of MaxSold.

"Our sale of goods solution is usually approved by condos as MaxSold provide the most professionally run and tightly organized pickups reserving elevators and escorting buyers to the units for their pickups, and escorting them out. However, holding up an elevator and using the shared hallway is a bit of a hassle to other residents. Both cranes and offer offer an innovative solution to this problem, and we were excited to successfully test these solutions."

Drones offer another promising solution. Customers can pre-program their GPS with coordinates of the pickup and attach their invoices to them. The MaxSold team will prioritize drone pickups, getting purchases onto the drone to have them on their way within minutes. Given MaxSold hyper-local solution for estate sales and downsizing sales, drones are a perfect fit.

MaxSold Drone Pickup

Always follow your local regulations for drone operations.

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