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Introducing MaxService

For the past 10 years, we at MaxSold have been growing our marketplace, serving tens of thousands of sellers and millions of bidders. In doing so, we’ve grown to learn that, not only are we serving our customers, they are also serving each other.

Our bidders of unique and locally picked up items, provide an essential community service to their neighbours who are going through the difficult transition of downsizing or dealing with an estate. By bidding, they agree to take on the responsibility of being a safe, reliable, and efficient removal service to ensure a finite experience for our Sellers, providing some semblance of stability at an unstable time.

Our Sellers, while typically going through an extremely emotional time in their lives, serve our bidders by agreeing to release all goods sold to the winning bidder (without direct or indirect influence on the bidding process) at the designated place and time. In doing so, Sellers achieve an empty space in a controlled period of time that they designate at a time when they feel in control of little else.

Keeping with the service theme, your feedback over the past 10 years has served us in making incremental changes to continuously improve our reliable, efficient, safe, and transparent experience.  However, over the past few months we took a step back, designed, and tested significant changes to the way we, at MaxSold, serve our customers. Now, after months of effort by our supporting teams, we are ready to announce the completed reconfiguration of those teams into one new team - MaxService.

For our Bidders, MaxService means increased coverage and faster service for all your bidder inquiries and resolution requirements.

For our Sellers, MaxService means more flexibility in execution and service offerings to support you with a better auction experience. 

For our Partners, MaxService means having our most experienced and knowledgeable team members serve you as you assist your clients with all their auction needs.

Going forward, although bidders will still use for all bidder related emails, we are letting all sellers and partners know that will enable faster responses to your inquiries. 

We thank you all for your continued support and feedback in helping us become a better version of ourselves over the past 10 years.  As you all know, our unique process isn’t designed for everyone - customers on both sides of MaxSold need to live in alignment with our core values. That said, it is a great experience for those looking for what we do. Together, our marketplace community makes a real impact in the lives of our neighbors every day, and we thank you for your continued support to provide a reliable, efficient, safe, and transparent experience for all.

The MaxService Team
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