The 15 Weirdest Things You Can Find At An Estate Sale

In the process of clearing out the contents of a home, many hidden treasures can resurface. An old photo album, or a treasured toy can often bring back many good memories. However, there can also be some unusual pieces, like caskets and life size mechanical clowns that make you say "How did that get there?"

1. Old Admiralty Longshank Anchor

Measuring 10 ft. Span. 10 ft. long, and weighing in at over 3000 pounds, this anchor required an industrial strength crane for removal.

2. Large Chicken Plucker

Found in an unused barn that was part of an estate sale in Maryland, this rusted chicken plucker was truly a unique find. This begs the question: Who Buys a Rusted Chicken Plucker?

3. 6'5" The Predator Statue Made of Car Parts

Sold as part of a Business Downsizing auction in Kingston, Ontario, this hand-made statue was a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Selling for more than $1800, this is definitely the weirdest things we've sold yet!

4. Chuckie's Dad Figurine


5.  Surrey with Fringe

You can be the cream of 19th Century Society with the Surrey, sold as part of a MaxSold Estate Sale. Note: Horses Not Included.

6. CPR Dummies

People definitely collect weird things over the years. But who collects FOUR CPR dummies? Like one, ok fine we can get our heads around, but FOUR? Perhaps a paramedic or a CPR insturctor? 

7. Antique Coffin

We've sold several coffins at MaxSold, but this one is definitely the creepiest! It kinda looks like there's someone inside it still...

8. Blast Mat Machine

Its understandable that this would be included in a MaxSold Business Downsizing auction in Ontario. But what would the pickup have looked like? 

9. Used Dentures

Who buys used dentures, and for what purpose? These are the questions we need answered!


10. Creepy Rabbit Puppet actually terrifying. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be cute, but it really isn't. All we know is this was sold as part of a MaxSold Estate Sale.

11. (Used) Toilet with Asian Motif

Ok, so used toilets do sell... go figure!

12. Birthing Set

Because every home needs one?  This actually sold for $95

13. Ouija Board (this one can speak!)

Nothing more scarier than a Ouija Board that can speak! (and purchased from an estate sale)

14. Creepy Witch Doctor Figure

Missing limbs, unsure if the hair is real or not, 44 inches of creepiness! 

15. Taxidermy Monkey.. what every household needs 

Last but not least is a taxidermy monkey - unsure if this was a pet monkey!