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CT Online Auctions

Are you looking to have a CT Online Auction?

With our proven process, you are able to hold an online auction in Connecticut with ease and with a finite end. With the Maxsold process, you get all of the benefits of having an online auction, without the hassle of the shipping and with a designated end time. We can meet the needs of a variety of clients as we have the option of a hands-free service as well as a D.I.Y. option. 

In our Full MaxSold managed auction, we spend a day cataloging your items. That means that we will be taking pictures, taking measurements and describing the items that you have to list. Then we post your auction on our website for 1-2 weeks, depending on what your timeline allows. Once the auction closes, we collect payment from the buyers and host the pickup event. This is a pre-determined event that lasts 2-4 hours, where all of the winning buyers are required to show up to pick up their items. We have a 98% sell rate, so at the end of it all, nearly everything goes!

If you would prefer to do the D.I.Y. option, you play an active role in cataloging the items and hosting the pickup event. However, the auction still gets posted to our site, we answer any bidder questions, collect payment, and pay taxes. 

With tens of thousands of bidders and thousands of auctions under our belts, we are the best of the best in the auction world. We pride ourselves in our customer care excellence and positive reviews:
"The entire process from first consult, photo cataloging, to final pick up, was met with stellar professionalism and great respect for client. Bravo!!!!"
-Nancy Borg, Melville

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