Downsize and Make Moving Easier

Moving across town or across country can be painful, expensive, and totally uproot your life. When you finally arrive and unpack your boxes, it’s easy to realize there is not room in your new place—for things you finally realize you don’t need. Downsize before you move to clear clutter and make your move more cost efficient. With an online downsizing auction, you can move items before packing or empty out those overflowing storage hideaways. Besides, it makes more room for the brand new, custom-selected things for the next leg of your life journey. 

Below are a few helpful checklists and some advice about what to sell as part of downsizing and how to do is easily.

Downsize Before Moving to:

  • Help cover moving costs, like boxes and truck size.
  • Increase the fuel efficiency of your loaded vehicle. 
  • Protect your back and knees from lifting unnecessary items.
  • Avoid furniture that crowds a new space. 
  • Make unpacking and settling in easier.
  • Empty storage sheds, attics, basements, garages, and overstuffed closets.

    Downsize Your Things

Things to Consider Downsizing After Your Kids Leave Home: 

  • Cut down on plates, flatware, and cups to what is reasonable for your household.
  • Unload baby items and toys that are outdated, saving only a few cherished pieces. 
  • Downsize the extra beds to allow more space in your guest rooms. 
  • Sports equipment that goes unused. 
  • Books that you haven’t read in years and probably won’t again.
  • The linen closet. Do you really need that many towels? 
  • Outdoor gear that only the kids use, like family-size tents, extra sleeping bags, canoes, trampolines, swing sets.
  • Pool tables, ping pong tables, and game centers that take up a lot of space.

Things to Consider Selling When You Move to a Smaller Place: 

Sell your goods easily and profitably from an estate, downsizing, or relocation

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  • Yard care equipment that is not longer useful. 
  • Household appliances that are heavy or outdated.
  • Potted plants that can spill in transit. 
  • Large furniture, like sectional couches and dining room tables, that will cramp your new space.
  • Pottery, vases, and decorative ornaments can be paired down. 
  • Cookware, storage ware, and serving ware that will go largely unused, like that fondue pot. 
  • Duplicates—of anything, even household goods. 
  • Older televisions.
  • Art—plan what will be put up ahead of your move.
  • Tools that are duplicates or simply not relevant to your new lifestyle.
  • Lawn or patio furniture. 
  • Exercise equipment that isn’t compact, like weight benches or that dusty treadmill. 
  • All the neglected hobbies you started, like sewing, scrap booking, painting.
  • Home decorating supplies bought for that home. Start new, getting rid of outdated wallpaper, paint, and throw pillows.

How to Plan a Downsizing Sale When Moving

Moving is already a hassle. Yard sales or monitoring resale sights is time and labor you do not have. The whole point is to simplify and clear space in your life. Make that job easy by either uploading an app that allows the seller to easily post to an available audience. Or, get full service help from a professional staff, including expert appraisers. With MaxSold, the benefits of an auction come without the hassles or minimums. You can sell as little or as much as you like. Choosing MaxSold has the incredible bonuses of:

  • Local buyers, which means no shipping costs.
  • Anonymous selling and bidding.
  • A 98.9% sell-through rate. 
  • Minimal presence, clearing everything out with three visits. 
  • Auctions last two weeks. We handle everything.
  • Predetermined pickups. 
  • Pre-paid. No cash. No haggling. 
  • Single check of the total amount made from auction to seller.

Downsize online with MaxSoldWhat Happens in a Full-Service Downsizing Auction

  1. Two 3- to 4-hour visits to your home.
    MaxSold’s professionals come to your home and appraise, catalog, and photograph your items—household goods to boats! 
  2. Auctioned items are posted online to a local audience.
    MaxSold handles all the posting, management of bids, and sets the auction for a two-week bidding window. 
  3. Bidder payments are collected.
    The winning bids are processed by MaxSold, safely. Your information stays private with no bank information, emails, phone numbers given. 
  4. Pickup happens on a prearranged, single day in a short window. 
    Once the payment is confirmed, buyers are given an arranged pickup window. For full-service, MaxSold will be there on the pickup day, so you don’t have to be. Customers have to have an invoice to prove payment—before they get the address. 
  5. Get Your Money!
    After the auction, you will get one single payment, which is safer and easier.