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Estate Sales Boston MA

Have an Estate Sale in the Historic City of Boston, MA!

In the city of Boston everything has a history, even the things in your home that you forgot about!  Here at MaxSold we have bidders interested in everything from antiques as old as the country to the thing you bought just last week and realized will never fit in your new house. 

MaxSold is the only company that can get everything gone after the sale of your home is finalized and the day you move out without having to hire expensive organizers or movers. At MaxSold we have buyers who will pick up those items right from your home! We match people who want to sell with serious bidders who are ready to buy.

With MaxSold you can sell your Corvette, your couch and your candlesticks! Don't think something is worthless just because you don't have room for it, those little things can really add up!
Here's how it works:

  1. First, we'll put your item in a catalog to be posted online
  2. Second, we market your sale to thousands of bidders
  3. Third, the bidders compete over your items as you make more and more!
  4. Fourth, we'll handle the payments and organize an efficient pickup for your items
  5. Lastly, we pay you! We'll give you a detailed report of the sale along with your payment!

To be Boston's next big MaxSold estate sale, fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible!