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Estate Sales Denver Co

Looking for a Local Estate Sales Provider in Denver CO?

MaxSold is the best option when you are looking to sell everything.  We are an online estate sales provider with a local team in Denver CO.  We can sell everything in under 14 days: From high-end goods to everyday items.  

Unlike a traditional estate sales solution where items are sold on a first come, first serve basis, online exposure and competition ensures maximum profits. The risk of low turnout and under pricing items is also eliminated when the estate sale is done online.

Our local Denver area team oversee the on-site process while our regional and national team manage the technology and marketing.

What our past clients say:
"Our MaxSold auction was a great success and everything was gone from my Mom's house that she didn't need anymore. The staff were very professional and everything worked just as described Thanks Maxsold"
- Brian, Denver

Here is how our 14-day process works:
  • Our local experts describe and photograph the items
  • You can review and edit the descriptions if you wish
  • The sale is marketed through a variety of channels
  • We also market to our existing database of buyers who compete for specialty items
  • You can watch the entire auction unfold online
  • Payment is processed online
  • Pickup happens over a 3-4 hour period supervised by MaxSold
  • Payment for the sale is by direct deposit or cheque, whichever you prefer
MaxSold you can sell anything from your  antique furniture to garden tools. Get in touch to learn more.