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Estate Sales Online Auction

Discover Why MaxSold is a Proven Leader in Estate Sales Online Auction

You need to settle an estate, but what can you do with all the items that have been collected over the years? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to sell your items without the safety concerns of online selling or the hassle of a traditional estate sale? 

Whether you are downsizing or dealing with a family estate, MaxSold can bring you results - in just 14 days! MaxSold combines the benefits of fast, reliable estate sales online auction services with professional, on-site, local experts.

MaxSold services include:

  • Description and cataloging of items
  • Photography
  • Online marketing
  • Payment collection
  • Supervised pick-up
  • Payment and reporting of sales

MaxSold offers you the easiest, most efficient and proven way to sell goods through our online auction service. As an online auction company with roots in helping clients with their downsizing and estate sales since 1956, MaxSold prides itself on being an expert solutions provider, having sold hundreds of thousands of products for their clients to date.

"Thank God this company exists. I am making a long distance move, and the cost of moving all my things was daunting. I made enough with MaxSold to replace just about everything, and leave the reminders of the past behind, where they belong. They are professional, friendly, patient and just a total pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone downsizing or just wanting a change. They have a lot of connections, and get you more than you can imagine, for some stuff you thought was not worth much and otherwise would have thrown away. I will use them again, when my Mom passes, to find new homes for her treasures."
- Donald A.

Find out how MaxSold can help you with your estate sales online auction - fill out the form for more information today!