How to Create Cafe and Coffee Shop Themes ­­­­­that Attract Customers

The most important thing about a cafe or coffee shop is, of course, the food and beverages. But you shouldn’t underestimate your shop’s atmosphere. Customers are searching for an intimate, relaxed place to enjoy themselves. A unique theme with interesting décor helps your cafe or coffee shop stand out from the competition and attract your target customers.

Coffee Shop Themes that will Dazzle Your Customers

Shabby Chic

Uniform furniture and dishware are a bore. Shabby chic is a unique style that incorporates furnishings with a slightly worn, lived in appearance. This extremely affordable style will be a hit with college students, hipsters, and young professionals. Mismatched chairs, tables, and mugs make every dine-in experience unique. Be sure to provide books and board games to entertain your customers while they wait for food and drinks.

Art Gallery

A great way to refresh your décor regularly is to transform your cafe or coffee shop into an art gallery. Feature a new local artist every few months or invite multiple artists to host their work. Have some artwork on hand to display when transitioning between exhibits.

Music Venue

From talent shows to letting local bands perform, transforming your cafe into a mini music venue encourages more customers to stop by. Place musical instruments and old band posters on the wall. It’s even cooler if you hang posters from bands who have performed at your venue. Drape Christmas lights over the stage for colorful lighting.


Add undeniable class to your cafe with a vintage design. Add doilies and fancy tablecloths to each table. Feature antique china hutches and curio cabinets that hold teapots, tea tins, and loose leaf tea. Hang chandeliers and add candles to create romantic lighting.


If your coffee shop is located in a mild climate, consider providing an outdoor garden space for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee. Add patio furniture so your customers can soak up the sun.

However, having an indoor shop doesn’t mean that a garden theme is off the table. Add fabric or porcelain flowers in vases or plaster them to the walls and ceiling. Decorate a garden arch with colorful fabric flowers. Or add some authenticity by growing live plants in flower pots on tables or by the window. If you want to add a quirky sense of style, use teapots or teacups instead of traditional flower pots.


Lights, camera, action! Give your customers the red-carpet treatment with high-quality service. Lay a literal red carpet on the floor leading to the service counter. Consider adding golden stars with names on the floor to imitate the Hollywood Walk of fame. Hang autographed memorabilia from everyone’s favorite stars on the walls. Place vintage cameras and other studio and lighting equipment on shelves around the shop. Play old black and white movies on TVs or projector screens to complete the vintage Hollywood atmosphere.

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