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Master of Frugality - Being Frugal is a Smart Choice

Frugal Estate Sales

I find it a simple concept in this day and age to be a active penny pincher. Rising food costs, and costs of living make it a smart choice, and I would applaud anyone who goes to extreme measures in saving a buck or two. I find it a challenge, and often a compulsion to go beyond simple measures in making my purse strings tighter.

MaxSold is a great way to find everyday things that you commonly use and get them for a great price, all the while, you are helping people unload their unwanted, or just need to get rid of, items.

If you are looking for a couple of kitchen items, most likely you will find those items and a whole drawer of other treasures in the same lot to sweeten the find. Quite often I have walked away from a MaxSold pickup with my needed items and some other tidbits as well! Its all a win, win and I'm not going over any tight budgets.

Shopping trips to the stores can also be a rewarding experience by matching up sales with coupons, and even store specials. Save your weekly flyers and compare prices. Map out your destinations to save a little gas and do it all in one trip. Once home, you round up the receipts and go to your cashback apps and see who is gonna pay you for buying certain products. Caddle app , Checkout51 app, and even are all cashback programs. Getting those rebate checks in the mail are always a great feeling.

Sample searching is another trick to saving money. Facebook sites for retailers are good places to start for free samples! Those handy little samples are perfect for going on trips or when you run out of something and realize, you have a sample stashed away. Its become a way of life for me and I love to share all my tips with those who are struggling with budgets and just looking to save a few bucks.

It pays to be Frugal and the more you practice the easier it gets!
- Karen Truelove

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