MaxSold Estate Sales and Downsizing Auctions: January 2020 Highlights

Did you know, it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose, a piece of plywood takes 1-3 years, a cardboard box can take two months and if not recycled properly, a glass bottle can take up to 1 million years to decompose! 

Estate sales and downsizing auctions continue to be an eco-friendly way let go of unwanted and no longer needed items. They are also a great way to avoid excess packaging from furniture! With MaxSold auctions our sellers are keeping items out of landfills and our buyers avoid buying items with plastic and other harmful packing materials. 

As the first month of 2020 came to a close, we took a look back at what trending items were saved from landfills in the first month of the new decade!

Teak King Size Bed with Floating Nightstands, sold for $1,160 in Mississauga Ontario.

Teak Lounge Chair (circa 1960), sold for $500

Tiffany Inspired Stained Glass Lead Base Dragonfly Table Lamp, sold for $350 in Cobourg Ontario.

Solid Wood Display Cabinet, sold for $410

Early Canadian Pine Blanket Box, sold for $250

Dresser with Mirror, sold for $161 in St. Thomas Ontario

Leather Sofa Chaise Sectional, sold in Ottawa Ontario for $835

Vintage Woodstove, Quebec-made by La Fonderie de L'Islet in 1928, sold for $1,010

Six Vintage Chairs with Upholstered Seats, sold in Toronto for $220

Hand Knotted Wool and Cotton Blend Persian Rug, sold for $632

Adjustable Reading Lamp, sold for$70 in North York Ontario 

  Brass Floor Lamp, sold in Atlanta Georgia for $80.01

Various Live Plants, sold for $130.10 in St. Thomas Ontario

Large Art Decor Statue (circa 1925), sold for $1,203

Vintage Cedar Half Canoe, sold in Waterloo Ontario for $260

Lund Fishing Boat with trailer and fish finder, sold in Prince Edward Ontario for $14,750

Craftsmanship Riding Lawn Mower, sold for $932

1977 Oldsmobile Toronado, sold in Littleton Colorado for $3,050

Big Tex Trailer, sold in Houston Texas for $2,070

January was a big month for artwork! From Russian artist Yefim Ladyzhensky to Canadian artists Andrew Plum and Norval Morrisseau, a lot of people bid on art!

An Original Yefim Ladyzhensky, ‘Allegri’s Lottery’. Sold in Mississauga Ontario for $5,250

Katsushika Honkusai ‘The Wave’ Antique Wood Block Print. Sold in Toronto Ontario for $609.54

Original Norval Morrisseau, Untitled Acrylic on Canvas. Sold in Oshawa Ontario for $4,950

Norval Morrisseau ‘Child Connected to Bird Family’ Acrylic on Canvas. Sold in Toronto for $7,301

Abstract Paintings from artist Andrew Plum, sold in Toronto Ontario ‘El Carnaval de La Vega'- sold for $970

‘Winter in the City’, sold for $1,325

Fine china, cookware, vintage dishes and collectors sets  were all featured in January auctions! Did you bid on any of these lots last month?   Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron, sold in Mountain View California for $1,520

Royal Crown Derby China, sold for $1,400

Hand Painted Silkscreen 'Lotte' Turidesign Dishes, sold in Courtice Ontario for $2,300

Limoges China Service Set, sold in Wayland Massachusetts for $200

Vintage 'Shelly' Fine China, sold in Richmond British Columbia for $438.99

Wedgwood Gold Florentine China Pattern, sold for $1,201

With MaxSold auctions, you'll never know what you'll find! On average, we can hold upwards of 300 auctions a month across North America. Here are just a few interesting items we saw in the first month of 2020!

Bejeweled Enameled Tibetan Silver Peacock Hair Comb, sold for $131

Antique Spanish Naval Officer Lions Head Sword, engraved 'Marina Ispanola'. Sold for $385

Casino Slot Machine, sold in Toronto for $550

Dell and Commodore Monitors, sold in Parksville British Columbia for $110

Cast Iron Fire Alarm Box, sold in Cobourg Ontario for $675

Full Size R2D2 sold in Kingston Ontario for $470

January is a big month when it comes to New Year resolutions and is usually time when people take up new hobbies or exercise routines. From learning new skills, adding to collections or preparing for a new exercise regimen, it looks like our bidders were eager to stick to their resolutions! 

Framed Printed Canadian Dollar Bills, sold in Toronto Ontario for $440

Batman Comics (181, 170 and Detective Comics 367), sold for $400

Llardo Angel Figurines, sold in Vallejo California for $289.18

O Pee Chee Hockey Trading Cards, sold in Kingston for $610.25

Are you ready for Valentines day? The winning bidders of these items sure are! Check out  the jewellery we sold in January... 14kt Gold Lady’s Ring with Pearl and Aquamarine Gemstones, sold for $230 in Mississauga Ontario

Lady’s 14kt Yellow and White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Ring, sold in Toronto Ontario for $335

18 kt Trinity Diamond Ring, sold in Ottawa Ontario for $1010

14kt White Diamond Stud Earrings sold in Ottawa for $733

Carl Bucherer 18kt Gold and Diamond Earrings, sold in Burlington for $700

What do you think will be trending next month? Be sure to check out MaxSold Estate Sales and Downsizing Auctions: February 2020 Highlights!

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