MaxSold Purpose

Maxsold’s purpose is to Sell.Everything.Simply. for you, or someone you know in need of a downsizing or estate sale.

Our experts inspire a reliable and efficient sale, with a safe and transparent pickup. Results include itemized reporting and 98% sold (on average) so that you know the outcome for each item in the sale.

We have a long history in helping people and built maxsold to ensure you or your family and friends are NOT left behind by the other, inefficient and questionable, processes that require a judgement visit or are only willing to help you with part of the problem.

Through our cutting edge marketing, transparent tracking, and ever growing team of local Maxsold experts across North America, we deliver estate and downsizing sales to the masses!

Join our rapidly expanding network of sellers, buyers, and evangelists who have experienced the maxsold process. Don’t let someone you know ever say “I wish I had known about maxsold sooner!”

Our vision is to provide everyone access to a downsizing or estate sale because to Maxsold - it’s how you sell, not what you sell, that matters.

We look forward to serving you!

If you have downsizing or estate settlement in your future, see how the MaxSold process works here, and give us a call or submit the form for a call back.
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