MaxSold Year In Review 2018

There are a variety of reasons why people sell an entire house full, or a substantial amount of their home in 2018:

* Other: Business inventory clear-out, storage, renovation and fundraising

**Other: Comprehensive analysis of 5000+ MaxSold clients letting go of their worldly possessions.

Our buyers loved the variety of items on MaxSold - as evident by the number of page views on MaxSold, and users, with an astounding time spent per visit on MaxSold shopping for deals and unique finds. Many of our buyers are die-hard fans - they enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" for something unique with a story instead of it coming from a store.


Page Views



9.46 minutes

per visit

Downsizing means new beginnings and adventures. While many of our clients who downsized or moved migrated south to Florida, Texas and California to escape the North East, some of our clients migrated further south to tropical paradise - Costa Rica and Panama were our clients' favourites in 2018.

Some of our adventurous clients left to travel around the world in a sailboat, and one client even left in a luxury RV to travel around North America!

In 2018 we helped 1000s of clients sell their items with our 11-day, 3-step local expert help process across North America. With some of the Estates we managed, we had families reviewing the catalog from Japan, California, and Europe!

Start your adventure today by hiring MaxSold! Learn more about our process HERE.

Lots of those people took the environmentally conscious (and money saving) route to sell everything through MaxSold, instead of sending their perfectly good pre-owned goods to the landfill. We also save our clients money by providing an outlet to sell the goods instead of putting it off indefinitely in storage (self-storage industry is $38 billion a year!)

MaxSold was featured on lots of media outlets in 2018, including...

The biggest benefit was a huge "burden of stuff" that was lifted from their shoulders (as selling a lifetime of possessions can be daunting)...


...and our clients took joy in seeing their treasures being enjoyed by new families.


It never ceases to amaze us about how MaxSold buyers upcycle and repurpose things. Here's a organ that was upcycled into a bathroom vanity!

Referrals (from previous MaxSold sellers, attorneys, real estate professionals, move managers, professional organizers, appraisers, funeral homes) and Repeat Sellers (running antique stores, flea markets, consignment stores and even traditional estate sales) were a big part of MaxSold sales in 2018.

Repeat & Referral business was more than half of MaxSold sales in 2018. To learn more about how you can partner with MaxSold, visit our Partner Page HERE.

Buyers find all sorts of things on MaxSold. Check out to find live auctions near you!

The strangest thing sold on MaxSold was a Birthing Set (for $65) and one of the most expensive things sold was a vase for $16,000+ that the client was using for household plant, and almost had it discarded.

The highest selling painting this year was the David Blackwood Etching... selling for $11,150!

The highest bid of 2018 was $21,900 on this 2014 Mercedes Benz GLK 250!

The top trending items in 2018 included Chinese items, like this hand-painted scroll, and vintage cameras.

The most unusual collection sold this year was a collection of radios (over 200)!


The largest sale we had was a former Bed and Breakfast with 11+ rooms of things.


MaxSold often makes the "Top 10 Most Viewed Estate Sales Companies" list, our gratitude goes out to our 500+ local team members and our customers in helping make this happen.

We reviewed 1000s of job applications, and hired over 100s in the local areas we serve.


Job Applications Reviewed


Local Team Members Hired

With a presence in several states and provinces, we are ready to make 2019 an even bigger year!

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