MaxSold Year in Review 2019

Downsizing paves ways to new chapters! We surveyed our sellers, and compiled their answers...

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Most interesting 'Next Chapter': "Metal detecting, mudlarking, historical investigation of ghost towns and disused rail lines."

Second most interesting 'Next Chapter': "Studying physics, particularly quantum non-locality."

Most Heart Warming 'Next Chapter': "I run a cat rescue. We have a program helping older seniors be able to have cats. We also rescue senior cats with medical problems. So I'm retired but volunteering 24/7 365 days a year running the rescue."


Want to get started on your adventure and sell everything? Learn more about the MaxSold process HERE.

MaxSold provides local-expert-help to sell everything with a 3-Step, 11-Day local expert help process. In 2019, MaxSold assisted 6262 clients in 1382 communities in North America, employing local teams of over 500 people!



Sales Completed in 2019



Communities Served in 2019



Local Expert Help Team Members


MaxSold buyers shop on MaxSold for the uniqueness of items, the variety of items (no auction is the same!) and the sustainability aspect (over 95% of the home is cleared out). MaxSold buyers are die-hard fans - they enjoy the "thrill of the hunt" for something unique and with a story, instead of it coming from a store.


Lots of MaxSold sellers took the environmentally conscious (and money saving) route to sell everything through MaxSold, instead of sending their perfectly good pre-owned goods to the landfill. We also save our clients money by providing an outlet to sell the goods instead of putting it off indefinitely and placing them in storage (self-storage industry is $38 billion a year!)

The biggest benefit was a huge "burden of stuff" lifted from their shoulders knowing that the buyers are going to cherish and build new memories...


Referrals (from previous MaxSold sellers, attorneys, real estate professionals, move managers, professional organizers, appraisers, funeral homes) and Repeat Sellers (running antique stores, flea markets, antique dealers, consignment shops and even traditional estate sale companies) were a big part of MaxSold sales in 2019.


Repeat & Referral business was more than half of MaxSold sales in 2019. To learn more about how you can partner with MaxSold, visit our Partner Page HERE.

MaxSold Realtor Partnerships

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Best sellers of 2019...

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Highest bids in 2019...

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MaxSold often makes the "Top 10 Most Viewed Estate Sales Companies" list, our gratitude goes out to our 500+ local team members and our customers in helping make this happen.


MaxSold also achieved placement on the Growth 500 list TWO years in a row! With a presence in several states and provinces, we are ready to make 2020 an even bigger year!

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