May the Fourth be with you from all of us at MaxSold

May the Fourth.

To some, just a date. To others, a celebration of one of the most iconic movie franchises to ever exist. For the uninitiated, the date is a play on the famous line "May the Force be with you", which debuted in the first Star Wars film and has been spoken in every movie since. May the Fourth has ‘officially’ become known as Star Wars day, and even has it’s own wiki page!

Not only is May important to Star Wars fans because it it gives us the opportunity to say "May the Fourth Be With You", but George Lucas celebrates his birthday (14th) and in 1977 the first Star Wars film was released (May 25, 1977)

Star Wars is a much celebrated phenomenon here at MaxSold as well, we have many employees who admittedly follow the movies and can name off all their favourite characters (Yoda anyone?), we have also sold hundreds of Star Wars related items as part of a Downsizing Sale or Estate Sales, some of them include...

May the Fourth, Star Wars at MaxSold Estate Sales    Kingston Estate Sale Star Wars

May the Fourth, Star Wars at MaxSold Estate Sales

May the Fourth, Star Wars at MaxSold Estate Sales items sold on MaxSold     May the Fourth, Star Wars Collector Plates sold on MaxSold
More Star Wars related items sold on MaxSold here.

Sadly, there are still 7 months to go before the newest release, but to tie you over we have many Star Wars items appearing in auctions all the time.

Just remember, manage your Star Wars Day celebrations wisely, you don't want to suffer the Revenge of the Fifth!

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