Meet Brian from MaxSold Operations Team

                                                                                                                                                                                                              My name is Brian. I work with the Operations team. We make sure everybody's booked on jobs adequately, right times, right addresses for clients. Making sure all the work gets done, sent in on time, getting everything scheduled. Working out any logistics, if we need to find parking, or whether restrictions, anything disaster coming in. Hurricanes have come up before, floods. Kinda throws a wrench into things. I'm here to make sure we go through the process with clients, and make sure they're ready to have us out. Doing the cataloging, photos, making sure everything is set up for us. I like helping people. It's a nice benefit of the job. We had a sale come up in an area we don't usually cover. It was a large sale, and they needed to do it quickly, so we actually sent some of our office team members, along with myself and my wife, out to get it all done and cataloged. Home life is busy. I go to work nine to five most days, come home, help out with my four-month-old daughter Michaela. We have three cats, all named after food. One's named Kit Kat, one's named Latte, the other has many names, depending on what kinda mood we're in with him. And then we have a turtle named Pop Rock, like the candy. Juggling work and being a first-time parent is definitely difficult. It takes a lotta toll on my sleep, and sanity. But we're getting there.

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