New Life - Thinking Outside the Box: Tips #4

I’m sure we have got a few readers out there who are super creative, imaginative, DIY, re-vamping, savants, but if by chance you’re not then keep an eye out for our tips! When buying used, there is more to an item than what meets the eye.

Every so often I will be scrolling through all the furniture that people are selling and think "Wow I love the style but not the color."

That's when I went scouring the web and came across a couple of DIY gurus who show step by step how to give new life to second hand treasures.

Check out Redhead Baby Mama's Blog, who gives us tips on how to repaint your furniture WITHOUT spending time sanding.

New Life Befor and after

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Or look at the funky updated rocking chair, It Comes Full Circle has posted on her blog! I absolutely love that she was able to change such a neutral piece furniture to such as showstopper.

New Life to Bentwood rocker from It Comes Full Circle

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Our last tip comes from Erin at DIY on the cheap who shows how to modernize a tired dresser using a great color of paint. If you are wondering how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon think about this project!

New life to Furniture Redo Bold Dresser Makeover

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