October 2020 Highlights

No matter what size the auction, our careful handling of each auction and our attention to each client has made us a trusted and well-loved brand across North America. Because we work so closely with our clients, we often get to be a part of exceptional auctions—whether because the goods sold are high-end and fetch high prices or because the items are unique and rare. Each month we feature some of the highest value auction items in our monthly highlights video, along with unique and popular items. So if you’ve ever wondered how much a pair of art deco mermaid lamps is worth, or an oil painting by Guy Anderson, or a gramophone…tune into this video.

"Hello and welcome to another edition of our Monthly Highlights! We always look forward to seeing what items captivate our bidders,and last month was pleasantly surprising! Artwork was a big seller in our auctions this season, take this auction from Bainbridge Island Washington. The Estate Sale featured a number of classic art pieces from American artist Paul Horiuchi, prints by Picasso, and so many others. The auction brought in over $47,000 to the seller and one of the paintings by Horiuchi actually went over their original appraised price! A piece of art from that auction even made it in our top three highest selling items of last month! Check out what other items made the top three...

In third place, in a Toronto Ontario Estate Sale online auction, these Mermaid Lamp Statues sold for $7,000. The second highest selling item was from the Bainbridge Island Washington auction, where an oil on paper on board by artist Guy Anderson titled, “Figure Over Dark Water” sold for $9,100 in an Estate Sale auction. And finally, the highest selling item from last month was in a Downsizing online auction in Toledo, Ontario where this New Holland Tractor sold for $10,005.  

Did you know, according to unbelievablefacts.com, listening to music is one of the few activities that uses all parts of the brain! Scientists believe that music is able to activate the motor, emotional and creative parts of the brain. I wonder if the winning bidders of the following musical items knew that. In Burlington Ontario this Heintzman Baby Grand Piano sold in an Estate Sale auction for $4,655, in Victoria British Columbia in another Estate Sale auction this Rare Kala Ukulele sold for $292, and in Etobicoke Ontario this Vintage Hohner Accordion with case sold in a moving online auction for $398. If making music isn’t your thing,  maybe listening to it is! In Vancouver BC this lot included a Gramophone and a collection of records sold for $910. In Salem Mass. this RCA Victor Record Player sold in an Downsizing auction for $925, and in Toronto Ontario this Massive Mixed records lot sold as part of an Estate sale auction that sold for $1,552!

Speaking of using the creative parts of your brain, this past month we saw a lot of different pieces of artwork featured in downsizing and estate sales. From oils, prints and acrylics, to native art and abstract pieces we helped to sell hundreds of works of art. Here are just a few we sold last month; in Kingston Ontario this Canvas painting by Ron Bloore was sold for $5,050, and in Sydenham Ontario, this framed oil painting was sold for $2,600. Then in two different reseller auctions in Toronto Ontario this Classic Canadian Impressionist Oil Painting On Board sold for $575 and this Andrew Plum piece titled ‘"Antwerp to Amsterdam’ sold for $381. Finally south of the Canadian border in the same Bainbridge Island Washington Estate Sale, two paintings by artist Paul Horiuchi sold collectively for $8,100.

If you’ve been keeping up with our webinar series, Ask an Expert, you’ll know that some of the realtors and professional partners that we work with are finding the current housing market to be booming for buyers and sellers! If you are first time home owners, you are faced with the problem, “how are we going to furnish our home on a budget?” The answer? With MaxSold of course! Here are some popular home furniture and decor items that we saw sell last month. In Tottenham Ontario this Retro Eames Atomic Teak Mid Century Twin Beehive Shades Tri-Lamp Light sold for $310. In Reston Virginia this 60 inch Smart TV sold for $360, then in Toronto Ontario this Hand Woven all wool persian area rug sold for $935! Looking for a dining room table set? One lucky bidder won a teak  dining room set including ten chairs for $1,480. Maybe you need furniture for your living room, this Pink crushed velvet sofa sold as part of a downsizing auction for $320, and this pair of Mid Century modern chairs that sold in Wheat Ridge Colorado for $2,025. Those items not your style? Not to worry! We also sold this modern Ethan Allen Leather Sectional Sofa for $1,500 in a Clarksville Maryland Moving auction On the higher end more unique scale cof home decor, we saw this Vintage Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre Mantle Clock sell in a Reseller auction for $4,350  Our question is, “Why buy a new item that can be thrown away by the end of the season when you can purchase a piece of furniture or decor that will last a lifetime?”

We all are accustomed to seeing the typical items in a MaxSold auction, things like couches,  area rugs, vintage records, pieces of china, and so much more. But what about the unusual? Here are a couple of unique items we saw last month! In London Ontario this unusual, yet helpful plant stand sold for $130 as part of a Moving Online auction.  In Rochester, New York approximately 172 Volumes of Annales De Chimie sold in a Moving Online auction for $710. In Brackendale, British Columbia an Indigenous Cedar Hat sold for $385, then in North Vancouver British Columbia in an Estate Sale auction this vintage Teddy Bear sold for $351! In Reston Virginia, a Murano Crystal Chandelier from Italy sold for $580, and in Rochester New York this Authentic Wedding Kimono sold for $251. Looking at auctions in Ontario, this lot of Hot Wheels cars sold in Toronto for $1,010, in Niagara Falls this Federico Leather Cockatoo sold for $295, and in Ancaster this vintage Coca-Cola vending Machine $2,950. And finally just in time for Christmas, this Sleigh sold for $251 in King City Ontario if you are looking for authentic Christmas decor, look no further than MaxSold! 

That’s it for this month's highlights, remember if you want to sell things the Superhero ways Go to maxsold.com/SuperHero or go to maxsold.com/eNews to sign up for our auction newsletter. Thanks for joining us and we can’t wait to see you next time!"

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