Painted Furniture: A How to Webinar

Painted furniture is simply awesome - especially when you can do it yourself easily. It can transform boring old furniture into something new and modern (or better, as it's uniquely you!) and you might even get to call it shabby chic!

If you are looking to learn how to create a vintage look for your existing furniture or antiques - from chairs and desks to wardrobes and coffee tables - you've come to the right place! Love white painted furniture? You can make that happen without spending a fortune on new furniture. Learn what kind of paint you should use, paint finishes that are suitable, brushes to use to paint furniture and more!

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With these new skills, you might even be able to start a business buying, upcycling and selling! Looking to source furniture? Be sure to sign up to the MaxSold eNews here for online auctions near you, and get access to more great webinars!
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