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Events are Cancelled. Fundraising Isn't.

That's why MaxSold is offering charities and nonprofits zero-commision auction to assist in fundraising efforts during the pandemic. Our process is hassle-free and we offer a simple, fun way to sell items online handling the bidding, marketing and financial aspects of your auction with transparency.

Use promo code: charityzero

As a board of directors, we mandated that the (MaxSold) auction be a significant part of the future because of the cash flow increase...
Mike McDowell, Bibles for Missions, Bowmanville

5 Major Reasons to Try MaxSold Online Auctions

Increased Bidding

We expand the bidding pool to a broader audience. Your auction is advertised in all the right places, to all the right people. MaxSold shatters the barriers created by time and location, drawing in thousands of followers and repeat buyers.


Our user friendly cataloging mobile application makes your work fast and easy. Forget about digital photo cameras. Login to the app, take pictures of lots, write description and save the catalog. We will review it and send you back for the confirmation/editing. After that you are all set for the auction!

Fast Results

MaxSold auctions take less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Data shows that online auctions perform best when they run for one week. Bidding takes place anytime, anywhere. The highest price is achieved for every item. MaxSold is a 24/7 service, not limited by the traditional hour long event.

Special Commission Rate

With a reduced commission of 10% or $300 rate to cover our overhead, you know your cause is getting the funds it deserves.

Full Transparency

We provide you with a detailed report of the auction results. At the end of your MaxSold auction you will receive information about each lot, how much it was sold for and to whom. Within 14 days of your auction closing, the proceeds will be sent straight to your charity by check, or direct deposit. We leave all past auctions available to view on our website.

Charity Organizer Testimonials

No actors and no scripts. Just honest on-the-spot testimonials from our happy charity partners.

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